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In Search Of Monster Carp
bolt rig, and a short hooklink. But I
found that at Yateley and the Match
Lake it had to be the other way round;
you had to use a light lead and a long
hooklink or you wouldn’t catch them.
It was very strange; you’d bring those
maples in in the morning, and they
would be as black as the ace of
So yeah, Robin and I we fished
quite a bit together down at Kingfisher Lake, which is where I first
bumped into Alan Taylor – god knows
when that was. That was a funny
thing as well – you used to phone him
up and say, “Is there anyone down
there?” “No, there’s no one down
here,” he’d reply, and you’d get down
there and it would be packed out, and
you’d have to fish off the lawns. I
always remember Robin and I going
down there; it was snowing I think,
and we fished either the left hand or
the right hand side of the lawns, and
we had one or two fish. There were
some blokes who had been there for a
week, and they were going to do
another week, so when we packed
up, they jumped into the spot we
vacated. We went back the next
week, and they were still in the spot
that we’d vacated, but hadn’t had
anything, so we went into the other
spot and caught – they were bloody
good times. I remember walking
round it once and I saw a funny setup
on the far bank; he had a couple of
meat tins with a needle in them as an
indicator to run up and down on. As
soon as I saw them I knew it was
Terry the Wedge, because I knew him
from Longfield, a smashing bloke. He
wasn’t there; he was probably up the
pub or somewhere, but as soon as I
saw them, I knew who it was.
I suppose one of the other places I
fished after that was Wraysbury Two,
across from Wraysbury One. At the
time Wraysbury Two had a lot of fish
in it. The closed season gave you the
opportunity to walk around these
lakes. I went over there one closed
season, and I saw an awful lot of carp
– no monsters, but I waded into this
flooded spinney trying to get to the
edge to where the main bank was,
and there were carp all around me.
There must have been 500 carp, and I
suppose the biggest one was about
20lbs, but they ranged from 4-5lbs up
to 20lbs. I thought bloody hell, there’s
a lot of carp here, so I decided to have
a dabble. There was a bloke living
over there in a mobile home by the
workings, so I got chatting to him,
and he said, “If you want to park up
behind my van, you can go and fish
the out of bounds bit.” So we did that
so for about a year, fishing over there
without anyone knowing – I wasn’t
catching monsters, just enjoying
myself. Where they had been washing
out all the gravel, it was a lovely
sandy bottom with a bar, and we
baited up using some sort of particles,
it might even have been maples. We
caught quite a number of fish, and it
was lovely and peaceful. Funnily
enough in those days a lot of the time
I never used a bedchair. I used to use
one of these armchair things, like a
recliner, because in later years of fishing Darenth we were hitting twitchers, and I wanted to be up and on it,
you know what I mean. I just used to
throw a blanket over me, and I was
sitting there in the midday sun
because I had been fishing all night,
dozing. Anyway, all of a sudden,
somebody found me, and said, “Oh,
this is where you’ve been hiding.” I
thought, oh no, this is going to get
out, but give him his due, he never
told anybody, and we had some nice
26lb 2oz Wraysbury 1983.
I remember there was one fish that
sticks in my mind from those days; it
was like a chocolate covered twotone, and one of the loveliest looking
fish I had ever seen, weighing about
25-30lbs. I never caught it, but it was
a really good fish. I took Robin over
there, and we fished another spot. I
think we used the Robin Red then; we
were fishing up towards this island,
and the amount of fish we were hooking was just unbelievable, but we
couldn’t land them. We were getting
cut off all the time, and I’ve got a feeling it was old sunken barges, because
it was the old workings area, and
there was loads of metal work. I had a
fox swim across from the island and
sit next to me browning itself – that’s
how quiet and wild it was. But anyway, I think we spent probably a year
there, Kenny and me. Kenny had one
or two, and I had a few, and I had one
of 20lb-odd that was more like a zander the way it’s old dorsal fin went,
but it was good fun. I enjoyed it, and
then from there I went somewhere
else, but I can’t remember where. It
was a few years later I decided to go
back to Wraysbury Two… I’m jumping ahead now, because I obviously
fished at Wraysbury One and had the


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