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Heritage Is Important
(Above) First 20 – 22lb 2oz Browns Pit
(Above right) My dad with Browns
Pit’s other 20, 1983.
(Right) Simon and me on the Pit on the
site of my dad’s works.
(Below) Dad again at Marlborough
Thames by this point, but I just couldn’t seem to catch one. I even caught a
tench from a small tributary off the
Thames; something none of us had
caught before, and I remember us all
staring at it in amazement. I even
biked home to get a camera! To catch
a bream, I decided to join what was
then a very famous gravel pit close
enough from where I lived that I could
reach on my bike. This gravel pit was
Marlborough Pool. Most of you reading this will probably not have heard
of it, but in the early eighties it was
fairly well known as a carp water. It
was actually the water, along with
Darenth in Kent I believe, that the hair
rig was tested on by Lenny Middleton
and Kevin Maddocks. Now that’s real
heritage! Kevin also documented his
findings on winter carp fishing on
Marlborough in the late seventies in
his book “Carp Fever”, which was
released I believe in 1982. The very
same year I am now talking about
was my start on Marlborough. I met
Lenny Middleton there that year, and
remember getting him to sign my
“Carp Fever” book. I’m jumping
ahead of myself slightly here though,
because as I mentioned I actually


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