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Heritage Is Important
couldn’t believe the size of it, and I
remember thinking it must be way
over 20lbs! I ran down to get my dad
and Simon, and I’m sure they thought
I was winding them up! We weighed
her at 22lb 2oz, which at the time was
the biggest carp that any of us had
landed, and bigger than I had heard
caught from Marlborough and Horseshoe! I was stunned! Amazingly, a
few weeks later my dad caught a
stunning 20lb 3oz mirror from Browns
(subsequently we were to find out
that these were the biggest two carp
in there, and the 16 that my dad had
was the third biggest, as we only had
repeat captures of the fish we caught
over the first two years we fished
Browns). An interesting side note to
the Browns story was that the 20 my
dad had was somehow moved down
to Willow Pool on the Linch site sometime in the mid to late eighties, and
became known as Blackspot in there.
We got into particle fishing over on
Horseshoe around this time, and
caught lots of carp on peanuts, chickpeas and then the magic tiger nuts.
The next few years were spent fishing the usual waters that I have spoken about, and we also used to fish
the little day ticket water across the
road fro Horseshoe, which was called
Roughgrounds. This water was
stuffed with small carp, and was even
e a s i e r t h a n H o r s e s h o e. We a l s o
started to take day trips to other lakes
a little further from home. One of
those, believe it or not, was Savay
Lake. You used to be able to just go
and buy a day ticket from the
newsagent up the road in those days.
We never caught anything from
Savay, but a few years later Mark
Anderson did catch one when he had
a day season ticket. It was to be 1987
before I caught my first 20 from Marlborough, and that was the famous
“Nelson” at 20lb 11oz. It was that year
that I first started concentrating on
what you could call a really hard carp
water. This water was “Vauxhall
Lake” near to my home. It was the
same year I passed my driving test, so
now I had a car to venture out with!
Vauxhall was incredibly difficult with
nobody that I can ever remember getting into double figures with captures
for a season. I saw the biggest carp I
had ever seen in my life though swimming around in Vauxhall. I did manage to catch one that September, only
a 16lb’er, but I was over the moon
with this capture. There were genuine
fish over 30lbs in Vauxhall, so it was
an exciting time as they were big fish
in the late eighties. I remember the
local B.C.S.G. regional organiser, Jon
Burrows, used to fish there, and his
(Top left) First Yateley carp, 1992.
(Top right) Heyford Lake (Newlands)
(Left) Carl 29lb 2oz, Yateley Copse,


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