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Heritage Is Important
(Top left) 22lb 9oz mirror, Yateley
Match Lake, 7.3.94.
(Below left) 21lb 10oz mirror, Yateley
Match Lake.
(Top right) Fishing Yateley’s Match
(Bottom) ‘Scale on the Shoulder’ 24lb
6oz, 7.5.96.
on The Car Park Lake. I remember
that very first session a fish was
caught (a scraper 20) on the other
side of the lake. They said the fish was
quite an ugly fish, and it became
known as “Ugloe”. I didn’t do that
many nights myself that year, but I
did witness an amazing event off
Trumptons when I was next door in
The Beach. Keith Byatt was fishing on
Trumptons that weekend, and he was
to hook three carp on tiger nuts.
Unfortunately he lost two of them, but
the one he landed was a cracking
26lb 8oz mirror. This fish was to be
named “Chunky” in the future. The
Car Park Lake proved a steep learning
curve that summer, so in the winterfishing partner Andy Short. They even
occasionally would allow me a brief
glimpse at a picture of one of Vauxhall’s jewels. They also organised
local CAA or Carp Society (I can’t
remember which) meetings over at
Lechlade or Burford, and they were
great nights with some stunning
slideshows. Unfortunately Jon was to
be killed in a car crash in France some
years later.
Now I had a car, I wanted to try my
luck further afield, and for the 1988
season I wrote off to William Boyer
and Leisure Sport Angling for information on availability of tickets for
their big fish waters. The one that
stood out for me was Yateley! Armed
with my new Yateley ticket, I set out
at the start of July for my first session


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