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Heritage Is Important
(Top left) 26lb 6oz leather 27.5.98,
Manor Farm.
(Top right) Greg with ‘that’ common,
Manor 1998.
(Middle right) 27lb 5oz Manor 1998.
(Bottom right) ‘Two Sides’ 28lb 14oz,
Manor, 8.7.99.
and imagine my surprise when a
handwritten reply dropped through
my letterbox with the answers I was
looking for. I was very impressed with
Mike, started to use his bait company,
and I still do now, more than 15 years
later. Early in 1992 I bought a half season Yateley winter ticket, like you
could do back then. It ran until March
14th when the season finished, and
although I didn’t catch one myself, I
remember one especially mild March
morning, I turned up to fish the Match
Lake at first light, and bumped into an
angler who was fishing The Copse.
His name was Carl, and he’d just had
a 29lb 2oz mirror, The Slate Grey. Better still, the chap fishing just down fro
him had just had a 25lb 8oz mirror,
Scaley. That angler turned out to be
Rob McGill. They wanted to get Keith
Sullivan from over on The Car Park
Lake to come and do the pictures, so
I did my bit, and offered to go and
fetch him, as they were already fishing. After all this was done, I was very
tempted to fish The Copse, but stuck
to my plan to fish The Match. As I
have already said, nothing happened
for me at the back end of that season,
so the season 1992/93 was going to
be the season I cracked Yateley!
I did stick at it this time, and
although I struggled all summer, I was
learning and really enjoying it,


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