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Heritage Is Important
27lb 10oz Zip Linear, 6.7.99.
although a fish would have really
helped! I think the reason The Match
Lake was so difficult back then was
that there wasn’t a strand of weed in
there, so you had to really get your
spots right. I met many more Yateley
characters that year, the likes of
‘Matt Hayes Fish’ Manor 2000.
Cooperman, Munchkin, Fat Al, and
that bunch of lads, and also mad
Jamie Smith. He was always so energetic and enthusiastic! Finally in September, I got my reward. I was fishing
from The Beach swim; in the middle
of the night I had a fast take and after
a decent fight managed to land a
cracking Leather carp weighing 22lb
1oz. To say I was pleased would be an
understatement. Less than a month
later I caught my first Yateley brace
with The Roach at 24lb 12oz, and
another 22lb mirror from what
became my favourite swim on the
lake, Stumps. Luckily for me I never
looked back after that, and had many
happy years on The Match Lake,
catching, I think, 28 fish in total. The
plan was originally to fish The Match
Lake, catch a few, then move on to
The Copse, and then over the road
onto The Car Park and North. I loved
fishing The Match so much though
that it was to be the late nineties
before I moved onto The Copse. I
never had either of The Match Lake’s
biggest two fish, Thompsons or Dropscale, and I think that’s another reason why I stayed on The Match Lake
for so long. The best I had was one of
the upper-20’s with the unfortunate
name of The Zit.
It was around this time that
another local water was coming to
prominence. It was throwing up some


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