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Heritage Is Important
lads on the far bank looking over and
Roy getting into his 4X4 and coming
around to give a hand. He got to me in
time to net it, and as he did so he
turned and said I had a 30! It was a
stunning fish, and to cap it all off
when we weighed her she was the
lake record at 35lb 10oz. This fish was
to be named Pinscale, and for the next
two or three years was to be one of
the big three in Manor along with Cut
Tail and Popeye. Amazingly when I
was back at work the next day, the
guy on the Point caught Cut Tail at
35lb 12oz, so my lake record didn’t
last very long! That guy was to turn
into a very good friend – Greg
Richardson. One of the other lads on
the river bank that night was also to
turn into a good mate, and that was
Paul Hathaway. When I fished Manor
over the next few years, it always
seemed to be the same regulars,
which was strange for a day ticket
water. Along with Greg and Paul and
me, there were a few from Wales,
Jimmy “Fivebellies”, “Suicide” Paul,
and a few from the North West; Frank
(Top) Bill Fowler with Pearly from
Yateley’s Car Park Lake.
(Right) ‘The Fully Scaled’ 20lb 2oz
North Lake, 18.8.99.
Warwick, Oz, and one or two others.
Keith Moors was another relatively
local angler who we often used to see
down there as well. I was lucky
enough to catch most of the big ones
in Manor including The Random Linear a couple of times, The Zip Linear,
Two Sides, The Long Nosed Mirror,
Matt Hayes Fish, and finally Cut Tail.
The two real biggies that evaded me
were Popeye and The Birthmark Linear. Both Greg and Paul had most of
them as well, and in fact there was a
30lb common in Manor at the time
that Greg had a few times, and Roy
stated that it should be called “The
Gay Common”, because Greg kept
catching it! It was two-tone on the
top of its head when looked at from
above in the water, and this fish is the
big common in St Johns nowadays
(flooded out of Manor a long time
While I was fishing Manor, I still
had my Yateley ticket, and was fishing
there as well, mainly in summertime
(spring and autumn for Manor). In
1997 I finally moved from The Match
to The Copse Lake. I remember only
catching a couple of small ones that
first year; the first one being one of
those famous Yateley cricket bat commons. In 1998, again I had a couple of
small ones before hitting the jackpot
in August. I had fished the night in
Oak Tree Bay, and moved in the morning to The Birches. In between those
two swims it is shallow, weedy, and
fairly snaggy with little dot islands.
Fish were cruising around in the
weed there. I remember getting an
absolute pukka cast into a hole in the
weed down to the right from the
Birches towards Oak Tree Bay. I had
cast a PVA bag of boilies into the hole,
and it came down with a thump. As


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