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Heritage Is Important
finally swung my choice. He lived just
down the road from The Elstow complex, and as I was interested in Pit 2,
he showed me around. My old mate
Paul Hathaway had spent a year on
Elstow 2 a couple of seasons previously, and even back then it seemed it
would be a good fit for me. Low stock,
and difficult banks, but with two
proper English 40’s in it. The low
stocking and rugged bankside kept all
but the serious carp anglers off it. In
fact a lot of anglers who bought a
ticket only did so to get on The Elstow
1 waiting list, and hardly ever turned
up on Pit 2, which suited me fine. You
couldn’t even walk around one part of
it unless you had waders on! Paul
Hathaway was interested in returning
as well, but he would be fishing
weekends while I would be midweek.
The two 40’s were The Mother and
The Twin, and I must admit it was The
Twin that I thought would be the one
to target, as The Mother could go sev-
eral seasons without getting caught.
I had a tough start on there in late
February; by the start of the summer I
hadn’t had a take, and hadn’t seen
anyone else have one either! Any
thoughts I had that my one night a
week would be better spent on here
instead of The Car Park Lake were
being quickly put to bed! I met some
new friends, like you seem to on the
proper lakes, people I’m still in contact with today. People like Mark Watson and Jamie Clossick who fished
midweek like me. By June not one of
us had caught anything, which was to
change for Jamie in June when the
first one he had, believe it or not, was
The Mother at 43lbs-plus. On the 2nd
July, I arrived on a Tuesday night for a
session I will never forget. With the
way the weather was I chose to fish
the Snags swim with Mark down to
my left on The Headland. Jamie
wasn’t there that week for some reason, and in fact it was just Mark and I.
Early in the morning the wind swung
around, bringing rain with it, and
started pushing over to the road bank.
It was, believe it or not, a coot that
made me aware of this, as it was at
first light that the little blighter picked
up my margin hook bait. While I was
up, I looked across the lake to see the
wind picking up, and thought about a
move. I walked down to Mark, but he
was dead to the world as he suffers
from hayfever, and had taken some
pills the night before, which had obviously knocked him out. It was raining,
but I thought sod it, as I know I had to
be over there to be in with a chance,
as the Pit 2 fish really did seem to follow a new wind. I quickly packed up,
walked my gear around to the car, put
it all in, and drove up the road bank,
stopping behind the Pipe swim, and
then watched. I walked up the bank a
few times between The Pipe and The
Carpet swims, and said to myself that
the first fish I saw show, I would move
‘The Mother’ 41lb 14oz, Elstow 2, 2002.


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