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Heritage Is Important
on it. It wasn’t long before one topped
not far off the reeds to the right of The
Carpet. That was good enough for me,
and I drove the short distance to The
Carpet, and got my gear out before
taking the car back to the car park.
The first thing I did when I got back
to the swim was to cast single hookbaits out at varying distances, fanned
out up to about 35yds out from the
reeds. I could then set up some shelter and make myself a cup of tea, as it
was still raining. Late morning Mark
came around to see what was going
on, and I filled him in with the
coot/new wind story! We were having
a cup of tea at lunchtime when it happened.
As I had the take, I’m sure Mark
and I just looked at it for a few seconds, as we had only just been talking
about how it could turn into a season’s blank for us. The fight was
pretty unspectacular in the deep
water, which, considering which fish
it turned out to be, I was quite happy
about! Those of you who knew Pit 2
back then will know that the lake was
incredibly snaggy around most of the
margins. It could be littered with anything from a pallet to an old car (and
there were several of them!). The
worst snags though were the numerous sunken bushes that littered the
place. Luckily, the fish didn’t pick anything up on its way in, and even
(Top) ‘Little Linear’ Elstow 2, 2002.
(Right) ‘Liza’ off the top, 31lb 14oz,
Elstow 2, 2002.
though it kited left again, it missed
any sunken bushes. Mark was in front
of me when it surfaced and he said, “I
know which one it is, but I’m not
going to tell you,” which didn’t help
because that could only mean it was
one of two fish! Luckily it went in the
net not long after this, and Mark
turned to shake my hand with the
words, “Congratulations mate! You’ve
got your first 40, and it’s the Mother!”
I was gobsmacked! When you consider that it was only around a month
since Jamie had caught her, it was
even more amazing, as like I have said
before, The Mother had gone years
between captures in the past. She
went 41lb 14oz.
It was only a few weeks later that I
got my second one. It was during a
period of high pressure and hot
weather. I was set up in Sunken
Island, but with the temperatures rising, I reeled in and went for a walk to
see if I could find anything. When I got
around to the field above the flat
bank, several fish were swimming
about, actually on the flooded bank
behind the flat bank. I quickly went
around to get a rod, as one of the fish
was definitely Scaley, one of the
known big 30’s. A pit 1 member had
come around for a walk as well and he
was stood above me when I flicked
out my freelined tiger nuts onto the
flooded bank. Amazingly it wasn’t
long at all before the line tightened


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