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Heritage Is Important
and I was playing a carp in less than
2ft of water! The fish went around
those sunken bushes and became
snagged, but The Pit 1 member, bless
him, rolled his trousers up, waded out,
and netted it for me! It was one of the
smallest fish in the lake, and was The
Little Linear, at 12lb 9oz. Mark was
getting in on the act as well now, and
Jamie had had more action, so it was
turning into a good season for us after
an incredibly slow spring. Just a few
weeks after I had The Little Linear, I
had another chance. Again, it was
high pressure and hot weather, and
this time I got some fish taking
floaters by the reeds to the right of the
flooded bank close to Pit1. It
seemed to be a group of smaller fish
that I kept seeing, and I spent a really
frustrating few hours getting sunburned while not being able to hook
one! Jamie and Mark had come
around to watch (or was it take the
piss?), and in the end cleared off to
check out another local pit with the
weather being so hot. When they
returned I was still at it, but must
admit I thought my chance had gone.
They went round to their swims to
get sorted, and I gave it one last cast
and just left it.
I didn’t even see the take; I just saw
the line tightening, and the reeds
moving. The fish, when hooked, dived
right into the middle of the reeds, and
I thought there was going to be no
chance of getting it back through
there, so I began to take my shoes off
to get ready to go in. I gave it a tug to
see if I could get anything moving,
and amazingly I got it on the move,
and it was coming back through the
mass of reeds! I couldn’t believe it as
it came straight out, and after a brief
scrap, a Pit 1 member who had seen
what was going on came and netted
it for me. When I got my first brief look
at it coming in, I could see it was one
of the big ones, and I saw a small
cluster of scales which I mistook as
The Mother’s again! It was only for a
brief second though, and it was The
Pit 1 member who recognised it as
Lisa. I rang Mark and Jamie, and they
came around, and we did the pictures. She was 31lb 14oz, and was the
first fish caught off the surface from
Pit 2 for several years! I fished on until
the winter, and didn’t get anything
else myself, but both Jamie and Mark
had a few more including The Twin
for Jamie, which meant he’d had both
40’s that year. If I remember rightly,
Mark had the most action of all of us,
but was unlucky in that he didn’t
have either of the big ones. But his
time came as he had more fish the
next year including The Twin, and he
was pretty sure he lost The Mother as
well from the Back Bay. Paul Hathaway caught as well that year, and
although he didn’t get any of the big
ones, he went on to catch Epaulettes
in the mid-30’s. I left Pit 2 after the
2002 season, as it was such a pain to
get to on the roads from Oxford, and I
had had what I went there for; a
pukka English 40. As things panned
out, I wish I had stayed on for another
year or two, because it was such a
special place, and since The North
Lake and Pit 2, I have never settled on
anywhere like I did on those two
Join us next month as Paul moves
on to Linch Hill. n
Jamie with The Twin 41lb 8oz from Elstow 2, 2002.


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