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The Causeway
first heard about the Causeway when I saw a picture of
Terry with the big girl in September 2001. I was so taken
with the fish I just had to get
a ticket and have a go for her.
A phone call to Reading Angling Centre got me the phone number for the
permit secretary. That year the water
was open all year round and 1st of
June was the renewal date. I had quit
my job in order to spend as much
time as possible at the water. This
was the lowest stocked water I had
ever fished for the size of the water,
approximately 25 acres with 18 fish.
My first trip to the Causeway was
the first time I had seen the place. I
arrived in the early hours of 1st June
2002 to have a look around, and I was
also going to fish. I was on a tight
budget so I couldn’t afford to just
drive there have a look and go home.
On my first walk round I found some
carp in the shallow bay, but the problem was they were spawning. Not a
great start, but at least they were
going to be up for a bit of grub in the
next few days. I decided to set up on
the point, which was at the mouth of
the bay. The next morning there was
no sign of the fish in the bay; they had
finished their spawning and were
now resting up somewhere. I had a
look around the lake, but there was no
sign, so I decided to stay put until I
was able to see any sign of the fish. It
was on the fourth morning we had a
change of weather, and the wind had
swung round to a northerly. I decided
a move was in order, and I moved
about 30yds down the side of the
point, facing directly into the wind.
I found a small gravel bar at around
60yds whilst having a plumb around.
Due to the wind being quite strong, I
struggled to get any bait out, so I
decided to fish a single pop-up, and I
had got both rods sorted by about
9am. I was taken by surprise when
the right hand rod just tore off a few
hours later. I had hooked what felt like
a good fish, which just plodded
around for about ten minutes before it
tired enough to be netted. There in
my net lay the Big Common, the seco n d l a r g e s t i n t h e v e n u e, a n d
although spawned out, she went 30lb
4oz. I quickly sacked the fish, went
round to the House Bay, and got Rich
and Gary to do some photos for me. I
got to see the big girl a few weeks
later when Rich had her from the
(Above) View of the lake.
(Below) First capture.
Road Bank. Although I spent a lot of
time at the lake, I didn’t have another
fish until mid-September, which was
a 16lb mirror. By this time the tufties
were a complete nightmare; there
must have been 100 or more of the
damned things, and they were making it impossible, so I decided I would
concentrate my efforts on Dinton for
the rest of the season where I had
already had some success.
I didn’t get back to the Causeway
until April 2003 and struggled to get a
bite for the first few weeks. When I
did I was surprised by the size of the
carp; it was about 6lbs, but I later
learned that they had stocked a load
of small fish! I got to see the big girl


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