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The Causeway
(Above and below) Second capture,
30lb 12oz.
(Below right) 19lb common.
again when Al caught her from the
House Bay. I went and did the photos
for him and congratulated him. I
decided to carry on fishing the lake
even though I knew she probably
wouldn’t get caught for around three
weeks. A few days later I had the
common again, and this time she
weighed 30lb 12oz. The next time I
saw the big girl she was in the House
Bay, so I set up and sneaked a couple
of baits out, but to no avail, as an hour
later I saw her head and shouldering
out the bay – time for a move to the
shallow bay point. The next morning I
was stood in the swim that I’d had the
common from the first time when I
saw a bow-wave coming across the
lake, then it headed straight towards
me, and I could see it was the big’un.


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