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The Causeway
(Above) 45lb 2oz – awesome.
(Below) Back she goes.
She stopped right in front of me about
10ft away, and I think I saw her eye
move to get a look at me, but then she
just waddled along the margin.
I grabbed a rod and my net and followed her down the lake, and before
she got to the corner, I flicked a bait
out about 6ft from the bank. As she
approached she dropped down in the
water, I saw a swirl appear over the
bait, and then she appeared again
and carried on down towards the car
park end. I was a mess – shaking like
a leaf. I lost sight of her after that for
the rest of the day. In the evening I
saw a carp roll half way down the
bank leading to the car park, just
before dark, so I knew where I was
heading first thing in the morning, as
there was no night fishing. As I was
packing away I heard an enormous
crash though the bushes, then splash!
Next I saw a pair of antlers heading
across the lake in front of me. I knew
deer could swim, but I had never seen
one swim 200-plus yards down the
lake. It reached the bars and trotted
across them, then back into the lake
to the far bank, and then off through
the undergrowth. Rather than drag all
my gear back up the road to the other
lake that I was using for somewhere
to spend the night, I crashed out on
the lake where I had seen the fish roll.
I set the alarm for 4am, got up,
made myself a brew, and watched the
water for any signs. I didn’t see anything move, so I decided to get the
rods out anyway and move if I needed
to. The left-hand rod went down the
left-hand margin, the middle rod went
straight out about 60yds, and the
right-hand rod went down the right
hand margin. I baited the margin rods
with a pouchful of hemp and around a
dozen boilies. The middle rod was a
single hook-bait. With the rods sorted,
it was time for a brew. I had just finished making it and sat behind my
rods, when the left-hand rod just tore
off. I dropped my tea, grabbed the rod,
and bent into the fish, which took
about 20yds of line then rolled over.
As it did, I recognised the tail and I
knew which fish it was, so I was a
nervous wreck, it plodded a bit, then
just popped up to the top and lay
there on her side ready for me to
scoop her up in the net. Yee ha! She
was in, and she was mine
I tied the scales to a tree and
hoisted her onto the scales, which
showed 45lb 2oz. I quickly got her
sacked and set about getting someone to come and do the photos. A big
thanks to Harvey who came over to
do the honours, as it was Father’s Day
and he has a couple of little ones. Job
done, June 15th, and Dinton was due
to open the next day! n


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