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A Personal Best Common
(Right) 23lbs 14oz.
(Below) 33lbs 12oz.
bank with just the occasional lunge to
remind me that it was actually a fish.
As soon as it was safely in the net I
grabbed the other rod and flicked it
out onto the spot before phoning Kev
t o a s k f o r s o m e a s s i s t a n c e. We
weighed the fish, a mirror, at 36lbs
exactly. A great way to start on a new
When Kev had gone back to his
swim, I tied another rig and leant the
rod against my brolly whilst I decided
what to do with it. There was a coot
diving over my bait, so I went and
stood next to my rod and waved and
clapped like a lunatic trying to move
it away. As usual the ingenious ploy
failed miserably, and as the bird
popped up for the umpteenth time
the bobbin shot to the top and held
there. Seeing no rig in its mouth, I
struck so as to get the rig out of his
way and to avoid letting it have
another go, but as I did so a common
launched out of the water well and
truly hooked! Christ knows what that
fish must have thought, but the accidental tactic seemed to shock the
poor thing into submission as, after
that, it came in with no fuss at all, and
I had soon returned a 17lbs 8oz common. The coot and that common must
have been feeding just inches apart.
The amount of times I have wound in
to avoid hooking one of our feathered
friends, assuming there wouldn’t be
any fish present doesn’t bear thinking
about. The rod leaning against the
brolly was soon back on the spot, and
as I sat tying a fresh rig for the
remaining one the heavens opened,
and I mean they really opened! It was
an impressive hailstorm with some
thunder and lightning thrown in for
good measure, and by the time it had
passed it seemed that the fish had


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