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A Personal Best Common
(Right) 20lbs 8oz landed with a weigh
(Below) The 27lb 12oz. mirror that
broke my net.
moved off.
I could see some clear sky moving
closer, so I stood up at the back of the
swim to see if the sun would have the
same effect as before. It did! It was
quite amazing; as soon as the sun
broke through I could see fish moving
back in from all around me, and it
wasn’t long before two or three dark
shapes were back on the gravel spot.
I knew what was coming, so I made
my way down to the rod and reached
it just as the bobbin began to climb.
The fight couldn’t have been any
more different to the previous two,
stripping line from the spool from the
second I made contact. In next to no
time at all it was almost 100yds away
and weeded solid. It must have taken
a good five minutes of patiently walking up and down the bank trying all
different angles until I eventually felt
movement. I’m not one for slackening
the line off or putting the rod back on
the rest - when a fish gets its head in
the weed I like to keep a constant
pressure on. That way, as soon as the
fish makes any kind of movement the
weed opens up a bit and you can
manoeuvre it out. (It seems to work
for me anyway!). Once the fish was
on the move again it still seemed to
have plenty of energy left as it
charged all over the swim. I was quite
glad to only be fishing with one rod as
it would certainly have gone through
any other lines. Keeping the fish high
in the water and away from the weed
soon tired him out, and before long I
had my third fish of the day safely in
the net, a nice old mirror of 23lbs
14oz. I took a couple of self-takes and
slipped it back.
Again the spare rod was cast to the
spot, and again the heavens opened
bringing more golf ball sized lumps of
hail down on my battered old brolly.
The shower of ice on the water’s surface caused the fish to vacate the area
once more, but by now I knew the
drill, and I got everything sorted,
ready for the next break in the clouds.


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