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A Personal Best Common
A personal best common 34lbs 6oz.
Sure enough, with the sun came
another group of fish, so I took the
spare rod and placed it on the empty
buzzer in readiness. As I did so I was
away again. The fight was similar to
the previous one with the fish finding
weed on a couple of occasions, but
with a bit of patience a good fish soon
rolled into the net. I knew it was a
decent fish, so I held the net steady
with my foot and phoned Kev. Whilst I
was waiting for him, I saw more fish
arrive over the gravel, so I quickly
flicked the spare rod into position.
They didn’t even spook, and within a
couple of minutes it tore off! Now I
was in a bit of a dilemma; I only had
one net, and that was under my foot
with a fish of over 30lbs in it, as I hadn’t expected to get another bite so
quickly. Fortunately, Kev turned up
just in time, and managed to scoop
the other fish up using my weigh
sling. It was a bit of a fiasco but we
managed it all ok in the end. After
staking the landing net in position we
weighed the second and smallest fish
first, as it was already in the sling! It
was a long lean mirror of 20lbs 8oz,
and had a nice half linear scale pattern. The other one was a much
deeper-bodied mirror, weighed 33lbs
12oz, and I could hardly believe it. By
this time it was around 3.30pm, and
I’d caught five already. What’s more, it
looked like I was still in for a few more
too. My swim was in a right state, and
it took a while to get a bait back out
there, but there were still plenty of
fish in the area. In fact when I was
resetting the bobbin it was pulled
from my fingers, but I was barely in
contact with the fish for longer than a
couple of seconds . I’m sure that the
P VA b a g m u s t s t i l l h a v e b e e n
attached to the hook, which would
explain why I didn’t get a good hook
Once the bait was back in the
water, a couple of coots moved in. I
wasn’t worried about them spooking
the fish after what I’d witnessed earlier in the day, but I really didn’t want
to hook one of them. I needn’t have
worried as, while I was trying to
decide what to do, a fish moved in. It
fed quite confidently in amongst the
two birds until it made its mistake,
and I was away for the seventh time
that day. The fish was hell-bent on
staying as far away from me as possible, but I managed to keep him high
in the water for the whole fight. I
slipped him into the net without too
much drama, and was pleased to see
that it looked like another good one. I
went through the now familiar routine of securing the landing net whilst
I sorted the weighing gear and mat
out, but whilst my back was turned I
heard a bit of a commotion. I ran
down to check that all was ok, but,
although the fish was fine and dandy,
the end of the landing net pole had
cracked. At first it looked like it could
be repaired, but as I lifted the fish onto
the mat the spreader block snapped
clean off. I weighed the mirror at 27lbs
12oz, took a couple of self-takes and
slipped him back before examining
the landing net. Unfortunately it was


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