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Alford Tackle – Chum Net
Its not very often these days
that things land on my desk that are a
totally new innovation in carp fishing
paraphernalia, but this year one did. I
am quite excited about it because I
think it could be just what I have been
looking for for some time, and with
the right application, it could be devastating. Having always been a fan of
what I like to call ‘attractor carrier
baits’, I have always soaked my hookbaits in attractive liquids – sense
appeals, amino compounds, fish oils
and more lately the goo type attractors have always been firm favourites.
I have always considered a dried-out
cork ball pop-up as just a carrier for
these liquids and that the carrier was
really immaterial – it was the liquids
that got the carp excited, eagerly gobbling up any item in the vicinity of the
In fact I have racked my brains over
the years for a way to remove the
actual boilie from the equation, as in
fact another round ball might be more
of a deterrent than an attractor and
that just a cloud of attractor would be
much more effective. My tank tests
proved conclusive – a few drops of
certain liquids had the carp ripping
the bottom up in their search for the
source, but how do you put liquids on
a hair rig or a bare hook? Until now I
could never come up with a solution,
however my prayers have been
answered by a very thinking angler
called Paul Alford from Alford Tackle.
May I introduce you to the aptly
named Chum Net.
Here’s what Paul had to say about
his idea…
• 2017 innovation in scent method
angling that can be used with or
without a hook bait.
• Just squirt the attractant into the
Chum Net and let the design take
control – perfect for use with Korda
• Introducing the Chum Net, a lightweight scent disperser developed
b y A l f o r d Ta c k l e. S p e c i f i c a l l y
designed to be used with Coarse
Chum (Alford Tackle’s scent attractant).
• The extremely light construction of
the Chum Net enables maximum
scent dispersal in a controlled manner while moving freely in water. A
video showing the free movement
in water can be viewed on the web
• When filled with attractant, the
Chum Net is able to be flicked out
without weight and slowly sink in
the water, releasing attractant.
• Attach on a hair rig or hide a hook
inside the Chum Net.
• Added bonus – If no attractor is
added, the Chum Net is the perfect
imitation for sodden bread.
This revolutionary new concept is
now available and is certain to be a
Introductory offer for the Chum Net
– £3.50 for a pack of 10 – RRP £4.00;
£6.50 for a pack of 20 – RRP £7.50
Coarse Chum Bacon attractant –
RRP £7.50
Bubble Gum attractant – RRP £7.50
Ask your local tackle shop for the
Chum Net.
Contact details: Alford Tackle,
p a u l @ t h e - c h u m . n e t , w w w. t h e chum.net. Patent Pending. n


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