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Diary Of A Carp Addict
ob: It’s June 2008,
and I’ve made my
way up to Broxbourne in Hertfordshire to see my old
m a t e, J e r r y H a m mond, and have a walk round his
wonderful complex of lakes up here at
Carthagena. I commented earlier to
him that I can’t believe it’s six years
since he took this place over. I was
seeing Jerry quite regularly at that
time; I remember him taking them
over, and saying to me, “Why don’t
you pop over and have a look round –
you’ll like it, nice lakes.” Well, what
with one thing and another, and I
really need to apologise to him about
this, I haven’t made it until now, and
that’s six years down the line. All sorts
of things have gone on down here, big
changes, and it’s really turned into
two first class fisheries.
I spent the day today walking
around the day ticket water first of all,
and it’s absolutely beautiful, full of lily
pads. There has obviously been a lot
of work over there because it would
have been wild and overgrown, but
you can see where Jerry’s influence
on the water has made one of the best
day ticket waters, certainly in the
area, if not the country. Jerry was
telling me earlier on that he had now
got upwards of ten fish over 30lbs in
there, and lots of back up 20’s and
doubles, and it really is a water for the
future. It’s well worth it if you’re looking for somewhere to fish on a day
ticket with a view maybe to getting
into the syndicate the following year
or the year after. I know that the
places are filled at the moment, but
generally there are a few places each
year, as people fish for a while then
move off somewhere else. I’m not
going to steal Jerry’s thunder, as he’s
going to tell you all about it, the work
that he’s done on there, and the stock
of fish. Then on Jerry’s kind invitation,
I spent a couple of frustrating hours, I
have got to say, on the syndicate
water. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I
said to Jerry as we were fishing there,
although he’s had the water some
time, I hadn’t really got a picture of it
in my mind, but breathtaking is the
only thing I can say. It’s well estab-
lished, with lovely willow trees, reed
beds lining the banks, and the swims
are superb. I had a look round at the
latest little record log book of the fish
that are in the water, and there’s a
massive 40lb common in here at the
moment with a huge belly on him,
and some other lovely up and coming
fish, almost at 40lbs in both mirrors
and commons. Certainly the commons are something else, in that sort
of 37-39lb bracket, and there are a few
of them coming on that undoubtedly
are going to be more 40lb’ers in years
to come. As I said, I spent a couple of
hours with the floaters, and we found
some fish up the top end of one of the
bays, it was flat calm, sunny, and they
were cruising around about 3ft from
the bank, but in typical Maylin style, I
ballsed everything up. I had a few
chances earlier on; I had a few swirls
at the mixers, and one big explosion
where we were both looking at the
float and the rod tip thinking, well it’s
got to tighten up in a minute, but it
never did. Gradually as the afternoon
wore on, they drifted further and further down the lake, as they do. Probably now we are sitting in the magnificent lodge that he’s got here, they’re
all up in the bay eating the mixers
that I left there, but time was getting
short, and we had to get back and
record this piece, which is a forerunner to Jerry’s comeback to Big Carp
(Top) Arial shot of Brooke lake, Jerrys
day ticket lake.
(Left) Arial shot of the Syndicate lake.


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