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Diary Of A Carp Addict
As our regular readers would know,
Jerry did used to write for Big Carp,
and did some really good articles. I
remember him and Jay Willis years
ago fishing up at Sutton and catching
all those beautiful big boys out of
there, but Jerry has been doing other
things lately. Obviously this fishery
has taken quite a bit of time, and he
was also assistant editor of another
magazine, but he’s given all that up
and decided to come back into Big
Carp with a series of articles, a diary
piece if you like, which I have humorously entitled ‘Diary of a Carp Addict’.
I hope you enjoy the joke, and I look
forward to reading Jerry’s pieces.
He’s had a fantastic season this season already, but again I am not going
to steal his thunder; I’ll let you read
about it in the next article, which is
going to be a sort of catch up article,
(Top) The lock house.
(Right) Brooke lake.
but this one, the first of his series if
you like, is an interview from me, just
seeing a close up view of the man
behind the Carthagena syndicate, one
of the most successful syndicates of
late in the London area. Jerry was
telling me he gets people coming
down from all over the country to fish
down here, and I’m not surprised, as
it’s a beautiful lake. I am sure Jerry
will give us his telephone number and
email address at the end of this piece,
so if you are interested in some special fishing for proper old English
carp, I suggest you get yourself down
here, have a little look at the day
ticket water first, and maybe if you
fancy it, put your name down for the
syndicate; you never know, you might
be lucky and get in. Anyway, without
further ado, as I’ve waffled on long
enough as usual, I’ll pass you over to
Jerry, and he will give us the full story
of the last six years over here in a nutshell if you like.
Jerry: First of all I would like to say
it’s a real pleasure having you over
today Rob; it’s been really great to
catch up. We haven’t seen each other
much over the years; we’ve been
doing our own thing, and it has been
great for you to come over here, firstly
for me to be able to show you what
we have got here, because I am really
proud of it. It’s also been great to
catch up and have a bit of fishing
time, so thanks very much for coming
Starting from when we I first got
involved with this place; it was a family idea. We were out looking for a
home one day, a new home for my
family and my mother and father-inlaw to move in together, and we were
out looking one day, we came across
a property that I knew was for sale,


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