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Diary Of A Carp Addict
because obviously it is on the river,
and I don’t miss a trick if anything is
for sale on the river! I knew it was
adjacent to some fishing lakes, so we
called in and had a look. The property
had already been sold from what we
could make out, but my father-in-law,
being the sort of guy he is, businessminded, went straight up to the estate
agents. It turned out there had been
an offer made, but there had been no
cash exchanged. We fell in love with
the place straight away, and decided
to try and take the place on, so my
father-in-law sweet-talked the estate
agent somehow into letting us have a
chance of buying it, which we did. We
took the place on and moved in with
plans to extend and build another
house so we could have two separate
houses, one for them and one for us.
Obviously with the house came the
whole fishery business, which was
something I had dreamed of doing
ever since I was a kid. I am very, very
fortunate to be in the position today
to be able to get up every morning,
look out of my bathroom window, and
see the beautiful weirpool that runs
past my house. I actually live on an
island, and it’s just the most beautiful
place I could ever dream of living,
especially as an angler, and to me,
every day is a win on the lottery as far
as I am concerned. But it’s not all fun
and games, as when you take over a
place like this, it takes most of your
life up for a few years trying to get
everything how you want it. As an
angler I had my visions of how I
(Top left) Six years on after a lot of
hard work.
(Top right) The Syndicate lake.
(Below) The Barrel.


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