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Diary Of A Carp Addict
wanted to see this place develop, and
six years on, that’s what we have
been doing. The most difficult thing to
do at first was the day ticket water.
It’s a really old water, probably one of
the oldest lakes in Hertfordshire; it’s
probably about 90 years old, and was
covered in lily pads and snag trees.
There was no track round it whatsoever, and no swims; it was totally
overgrown, so we weren’t sure what
the stocks were, or if there was any
stock at all. So one of our major things
to get going was to try to get that up
and running as a day ticket water to
get us some income. Everything costs
a lot of money in this business, but
once you’re up and running and
established, it’s not such a problem,
but to begin with, it’s quite a lot of
expense, so we thought we would get
that up and running and then sort out
the syndicate lake. There wasn’t too
much to do on that, so we kind of ran
it as a season ticket lake until such
time as we said, “Alright, now we’ve
got it how we want it, we’ll turn it into
a syndicate.”
So I’ll deal with Brook Lake first.
Brook Lake was like I said, totally
overrun with lily pads, so there was a
lot of work to be done – weeks and
weeks and weeks with friends and
members of the fishery, and a couple
of my good makes that work for EA.
We were down there every day in the
winter, winching out snags, creating
bays, clearing reeds and lily pads,
basically just out-and-out work. A
good friend, Dicky, was here as well;
he helps us build loads of the swims,
as he’s a fantastic carpenter. So all the
platforms were built, and we built a
jetty across the lake, which actually
divides the lake nigh on in two, creating two really fantastic little fishing
platforms. Then we started to stock
the lake, and we had water analysis
done by Bernice Brewster. We got all
(Top) ‘Fortunes of a fishery’.
(Left) I couldn’t resist a little go on the


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