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Diary Of A Carp Addict
the help that we could get from people who were more knowledgeable
than me on the subject, and we
started introducing the first fish. This
went on throughout the first couple of
years of living here, and basically
that’s the stock of fish that we have
got in the lake now. We do plan on
stocking more fish in the future, but
we want these to really settle in first.
The first fish have probably been in
there getting on for six years now, and
they are growing on quite nicely. As
Rob said earlier, the lake is quite rich;
the fish are growing, and it’s becoming a really, really nice established little day ticket water that I am really
proud of. There’s still more work to do
there, a bit more lily pad clearing, and
a few more odd jobs, but we’re getting there slowly but surely. We’ve
used Siltex in it for the last couple of
years, which is a good tonic for the
lake. In all old established lakes that
have been left alone for such a long
time, the build-up of silt is so severe.
People don’t realise it, and then they
get problems with the fish, from low
oxygen levels. Luckily for us, we were
advised to Siltex it, and ever since
then, touch wood, the lake has been
fantastic. If you Siltex a lake regularly,
it acts as a nice tonic to the lake, and
it gives it a good environment.
So basically that lake is up and running, and the syndicate lake was
formed, with 50 members on the syndicate now. The only stocking records
I’ve got are from the previous owner,
who just had a piece of paper because
back then you never had Section 30,
so it was just a piece of paper with
700 or 800 fingerlings of 6-7ins long. I
think there were fish stocked prior to
this as well, but I’m not 100% sure
about what sizes they were, or where
they came from. I did hear years back
that they are the same strain as the
Stanborough fish, which I think were
the same as the fish that lived in the
Cons too. They are very old fish; they
have got to be in the region of 40 to 45
years old some of them, and they’re
very wily, very clever carp and stunning fish as well. We’ve got leathers,
fully scaled, and some fantastic commons. We’ve got three commons now
knocking on 40lbs, and one of them
has just recently done 43lb 8oz.
There’s a bit of a funny story with that
one. It went missing four years ago,
and it’s called the Barrel, because it is
a large framed fish. Whether it’s carrying spawn or whether it is just a
greedy old carp I don’t know, but I
think it is carrying spawn myself.
Anyway, this fish went missing, presumed dead, three or four years ago,
and then last season it came out at
38lb 8oz, so it has kind of risen from
the dead. Then it went missing again
for another season, and came out just
recently at 43lb 8oz, looking even fatter.
I believe there are about 70 carp in
the syndicate lake in total, and around
about the right time of the year, there
are 30 30’s, and there’s a good head of
20’s to back them up, with quite a few
of them getting close to mid to upper20’s. So all in all there’s a good head of
carp for a seven-acre lake, and I
believe that’s enough. We didn’t want
to cram it with carp so that it stunts
their growth, and as I say, these are
old fish, so I am always wary of putting any other fish in the lake to put
them into any danger. So overall, I
would say we have got a fantastic
mixed fishery, also including the weirpool and a mile of the River Lea.
We’ve got some fantastic chub in the
fishery, and my personal best is 8lb
10oz, very close to the record, when I
first moved in. That was an August
summer-caught chub, which I believe
is still probably one of the biggest
summer caught chub that I know of,
and very, very close to the record.
Since then we’ve had the likes of
Tony Gibson down who is a real top,
top specimen angler. I think he has
caught chub to 7lb 8oz. We’ve had
Matt Hayes comes down regularly at
the start of the season, and he’s had
his personal best as well at 7lb 8ozplus. Chris Yates has been down,
Terry Hearn has been down and
fished the syndicate lake, so we’ve
(Top) This is where it usually goes
(Left) I had several chances but it was
not to be.


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