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Diary Of A Carp Addict
(Above) A lucky man.
(Below) A nice common for young
had all the celebrities down here.
Martin Bowler too, who’s filled me in
on his new TV programme that
should be on terrestrial TV later on in
the year, we hope. He came down
with Hugh Miles, who filmed him
catching some chub, and had some
really good footage of fish taking bait
and all sorts. You want to look out for
that; it’s going to be really special
when that comes out. As I say, everyone has been over and had a go, even
Keith Arthur’s had a dabble in the
weirpool; they all get over and show
their face and it’s nice. Obviously it is
good for me, and I’m not going to turn
them away; it’s fantastic to have the
lads over. I believe we’ve got an allround mixed fishery really, which I am
really proud of, and I’m really pleased
today that Rob’s come over and actually seen it for the first time. I hope
he’s going to get back soon and try to
catch some of those fish off the top;
he was very close today, and I’d love
to see him over here again.
Anyone who would like to come
over and have a look at the fishery is
more than welcome. We have a little
shop in site where you can get a visitor’s pass and have a look around the
fisheries – it’s not a problem at all.
There’s always someone here to show
you around, and we’ve got plenty of
bailiffs on site with a lot of knowledge
on the fishery, and for anyone who is
looking for that bit extra, we’ve got a
website at www.carthagenafishery.
co.uk and our telephone number is
01992 463656.
So that kind of wraps it up on the
fisheries side of things, and I’m really
looking forward now to being back
with Big Carp. It seems like it has
been a long time, and I’m really
excited about starting a new series
with Rob, my own diary piece. I’m
having a really good season so far,
and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.
On the front cover there’s a picture of
Hendrix, one of my latest big fish that
I have caught, at 43lb 8oz mirror from
Cleverley Lakes, and I’ve got some
exciting stories to tell you about that.
In general the whole season has been
fantastic, with floater fishing, zig fishing etc. I’ve been having a field day,
and really, really enjoying myself. I’ve
also got some good plans for some of
the other waters that I am going to be
fishing in the future like Elstow, and a
couple of other little waters in Bedfordshire, so there’s absolutely bundles to go on about.
Rob: Nice one Jerry; we really
appreciate it. First of all, thanks ever
so much for inviting us down today.
As I said earlier on, I’ve had a lovely
day down here, and it’s a pity I didn’t
nail one of those fish on the floaters,
but I ain’t one to go away beaten, and
I’m definitely going to come back and
have a little go. I love that style of
fishing – in fact that’s all I do at this
time of year, so expect me back anytime. As regards the series mate,
we’re really, really looking forward to
hearing all about it. I know you have
had a great season up to now, and
everyone who knows Jerry knows
that he’s a top angler, so there will be
plenty more to read about this year,
and only in Big Carp, so thanks very
much for that, mate. n


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