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On The Curve Or Camping
(Left) Simple, cheap and devastating
if not often used on a venue.
(Below) Not feeding? 30 fish and a
bucket of particle later…
As the illness started to take a hold
I found myself over at Birds Green
Fishery in Essex doing an open day
with the lads there. Once again the
weather was awful. Constant rain
obviously reduced the numbers quite
considerably, but we still educated
some of the locals on the use of rakes
and poles. The poles especially were
an eye-opener to the uninitiated.
Casting across the lake before using
the pole to ship the bait under far
margin features raised some fascinated eyebrows. I had already
decided to sit tight and spend the
night on the venue rather than try and
make the return journey back form
Essex to Wiltshire in the same day.
The lads explained that very little was
being caught as the wet weather had
put everything off the feed for the last
week or so. Catches in the previous
24 hours confirmed that to be correct,
and I think we had three fish between
us during the day. As the event closed
we were stuck with a fair sized
bucket of particle that we really didn’t
want to go to waste. There is a nice
patch that runs along the length of
the lake about 10yds from the bank
where a gravel slope gives way to
clay and hard silt. It’s an obvious area
that did do a few fish, but not as many
as the obvious bar running along the
middle of the lake. Anyway, it was a
simple matter of a dozen spods of particle under-armed on a clip, and the
area was baited. It took about twenty
minutes for them to start bubbling,
and it was quickly like a cauldron
with fish fizzing all over the bait. Not
feeding, eh? To cut a long story short,
for about three hours up until dark,
and then for a few hours after I hit the
sack and left it to Warren, the fish
went nuts. Topping the spot up with
particle just kept ‘em feeding. Surely it
was obvious – why? For one, as it is a
day ticket fishery for largely less
experienced anglers, particles would
rarely have been used. Secondly, we
fished with really slack lines, again
something those carp would not have
been used to, and thirdly I am sure
they considered that bottom of the
ledge area a fairly safe bet, as only the
better anglers that fished there would
have been inclined to fish that close
in, with most preferring the bar option
further out. But I am a Big Carp reader
I hear you shout, what has all this


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