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On The Curve Or Camping
pastie-bashing mumbo jumbo got to
do with me? Well, if you can overcome the snobbery factor for a
minute, I would suggest it could well
have quite a lot to do with the way
you go about your business, or more
likely don’t.
I can recall the autumn I spent on
Toll chatting to a couple of the fulltimers on there. They were basically
doing five nights a week, and at no
time did I see them do anything different from the day I arrived to the day I
pulled off – same baits in the same
spots, and left there. That approach is
fine if it is working well, but otherwise
amounts to little more than camping.
I recall a similar situation last winter
on a venue that I dabbled on. It had a
group of ‘social sponging’ full-timers
on there that always fished the same
areas week in and week out. They
normally did Monday to Friday, and
had fished from June right through for
two fish. Now it was a poor season on
a tough lake, but come on now. Other
(Top right) Proper slack lines. Many
people leave tension in the line when
they profess to be fishing slack. It can
make a huge difference.
A blatant product shot. The biggest
carp for Big Carp – the mighty Scar
sees the inside of one of our weigh
slings at 87lbs!!!
people had achieved that in a day.
Full timers will always catch fish
because they will be there on those
red-letter days when the fish just
have it, regardless of what you do.
Those days are few and far between
however. A good example happened
a couple of winters ago when the Friday to Sunday morning session
resulted in blanks for a mate and me.
Nothing out, nothing showed, and a
hot breakfast beckoned as I left the
lake about ten in the morning. In the
time it took me to drive the ten minutes home, my mate had two 30’s and
a 29. By the time I got back to do the
photos he had run out of sacks, and
was returning the smaller ones! It
was a sudden heavy feeding spell
when my dog could have caught, let
alone a half competent angler. Those
that should be really admired are
those that can make it happen
regardless of how much time they
spend on the bank. Being a full-timer
and catching the odd fish or being
there when it kicks off does not
amount to being a good carp angler. A
good camper maybe, a good carper
no! (Dear full-timers – don’t take that


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