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On The Curve Or Camping
(Left) The tidal Thames – I misread the
tides and was awoken by the dog
trying to get on the bedchair. Within
ten minutes the swim was 2f
underwater. Hilarious, but
potentially very dangerous!
(Below) Three crackers from the
Thames first time out, at around the
20 mark!
as an attack on you – I am only jealous from my sickbed).
Going back to the bucket of particle
and pastie bashing, I hope you are
starting to see where I am coming
from. If we hadn’t got the particle out
we would have left with the same
‘they aren’t really feeding’ opinion as
everybody else. Particles can be so
devastating if the fish rarely see them.
I nailed all the target Leneys in a lake
a couple of years ago over the period
of a couple of weeks’ worth of
overnighters. I was told this would
never work, as the bream would cane
it. Trust me, once the carp found it,
which they did very quickly, the
bream never got a sniff. I had 38 fish
in nine nights with 34 over 20, which
included all my target fish, and this
after only a couple of weeks baiting
up. An exceptional result, all thanks to
doing things a bit different and putting in that bit of extra effort.
If I am honest nothing used to wind
me up more than the magazines
spouting off about doing things differently. You know the kind of thing, fluoro pop-ups, a thousand and one different stringer combinations, etc.
Bizarrely, since I have stopped reading most of them, the evidence for
using your loaf and not being a onetrick pony seems to be mounting. Not
to the extent of the blatant articles
referred to above, but in a more subtle
big fish relevant way. I would love to
give you the low down of the most
recent example of this but I am afraid
this will just have to wait. I recall Toll
again however, and an inexperienced
lad coming over from a local lake as it
was so busy. He fished big 20mm
snowmen in about 8ft of water over a
kilo of freebies, and had several fish
back to back in a few days before
pulling off, whilst everybody else was
messing about with single grains of
maize inches from the bank and
struggling. Warren also had a season
on a publicity shy venue recently
where the use of maples, with boilies
over the top, absolutely caned it;
repeat multiple catches to a degree
not seen for some years before or at
all since. So I plead with you to have a
good long look at what you are doing.
We a l l h a v e o u r f a v o u r i t e r i g s ,


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