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On The Curve Or Camping
(Left) Simon with an ancient common,
an original Leney and completely
(Below) A new method, a new PB
common, and the long one at that.
favourite pattern of hook etc, but how
often do you actually use anything
else? How often when you are not
catching do you think about what
may help to change your fortunes?
You always hear the ‘names’ stating
how often they tweak their rigs etc,
but in my experience much of this is
magazine chatter, as the people tend
to stick to what they know and trust,
especially where big fish are involved.
You really should be thinking about
your options constantly, and if you
would rather sit back in the bivvy,
drink beer and wait for it to happen,
then so be it – happy camping!
Having said all that there is no
replacement for good location, good
food, and good presentation. A well
presented long term food bait, which
creates an aggressive feeding reaction on today’s ever busy circuit
waters, just seems to get harder and
harder to achieve though, unless you
have some serious time to spend
walking the bank, hence my vacating
the busy lakes in preference for the
rivers and canals. At the moment I
can’t get away from work early on a
Friday, and competing with the
masses is just getting harder and
harder. Still don’t feel sorry for me, the
thought of a weekend’s fishing without seeing another carper really
appeals to me, and just as importantly
gives me a chance to do my own
thing and get amongst some lovely


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