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On The Curve Or Camping
good head of 20’s, and The Thames of
course is a weird experience in many
ways, but where I am fishing will
throw up a few surprises. Both venues will provide new problems, new
challenges and new targets. Best of
all I can leave home at five o’clock on
a Friday evening and take a leisurely
drive to the venue in the knowledge
that on my arrival only the ducks and
swans will be there to greet me. Again
don’t get me wrong; if I had the time
to fish as I wanted and stay ahead of
the crowd, I couldn’t give a stuff how
busy a venue is, as I would have that
feeling of confidence that is crucial to
successful carp fishing. However
needs must, and the change is a
breath of fresh air. All I am suggesting
is that you have a look at what you
are doing in the season ahead, and if
you are fed up with fishing amongst
the masses and being off the curve,
then do something about it. Find a
quiet venue somewhere and enjoy
your chosen sport again; you never
know you might even learn something by stepping out of your comfort
Finally, as if I was going to write an
entire article without mentioning the
company! I still get regular requests
from individuals keen to join us as
consultants. Most come from guys
with no track records, and a lack of
anything of substance to offer. You
know we are a new company so what
we want from a consultant may well
be different from some of the other
(Top) Thames essentials – light,
mobile and with Rottweiler.
(Right) Thames target – over 38lbs.
companies out there. Most of all we
would expect a desire to work with us
and move the company forward.
From my point of view that means
you being able to offer us constant
bankside and weekly magazine exposure, together with helping us at the
odd show and event. What you get in
return depends on what you have to
offer, and your ability to follow that
through. Most importantly I want you
to be in that motivated position I
spoke about earlier, getting to the lake
first to get on the spot and catching
regular 30’s. Judging by the way cer-
tain other companies copy anything
that moves, development is not something that consultants are hot on. This
suits me fine; I have enough quality
ideas to last us the next ten years
without copying anything. I find most
anglers, especially big fish anglers,
are in this unique specimen hunting
bubble, and they come up with great
little ideas for them and their mates,
which are simply not commercially
viable. That said, the person that
comes up with the next hair rig or
funnel web system will be set to make
a penny or two!
Anyway, enough of that. If you
think you have something to offer
then please let me know by dropping
me an email to info@anglingintelligence.com and we can chat from
there. Oh and as much as I admire
French fish in France etc, please don’t
expect me to be impressed with a
rake of 30’s and 40’s from an overstocked garlic whiffing hole in the
ground. They have their place, as long
as it’s all legal and above board, but as
I say, just don’t expect me to be
impressed. Hopefully if all goes well I
will be meeting up with Rob on the
bank for the next feature. Fingers
crossed I won’t be in hospital!
Tight lines and all the best to you.


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