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All Things Riggy
(Left) Look after your carp.
(Below) Clover at 42.12 from the road
hold situations, and a size 4 D7 or T6
has accounted for some of my biggest
carp, including the late great Bazil on
a size 4 T6, which was heaved in
through heavy weed.
The angle of the eye will depend on
rig material and type of rig I’m making. Most of my rigs incorporate a
hook with an in-turned eyed. On simple knotless knotted or shrink tube
presentations where you want the
hook to flip over, an in-turned eye is a
winner. On softer materials such as
braid or a coated braid, or for rigs
where an aggressive line angle is
needed, then a Kurv Shank, Big-T or
D7 are my number one choices. My
current venue in Berkshire is
extremely weedy, and with the use of
weak rotten bottoms I've been fishing
choddies over the top of bottom weed
quite a bit. A size 6 Korda Choddy has
racked up quite a few fish for me, and
with its wide gape and slightly
beaked sharp point, it’s a good adversary in the weed infested water with
the hook holds all having been
superb. This pattern also lends itself
to mono and stiff rigs, and when knotless knotted the hook point is still at a
good angle to catch hold if the carp
tries to eject it. As you can see I will
try to match the hook pattern and size
to the rig and situation it's being used
I know some anglers only have
confidence in one pattern of hook,
and will sometimes change the shape
of the hook by bending the eyes in or
out a bit to suit their rig. If you have
confidence in this then that’s fine, but
I feel once you start messing with
hooks by bending them about, all you
are doing is putting a potential weak
point in your setup, and with your
hook being the most crucial part of
the setup, it’s not a risk I’m willing to
take. That’s it for this month, so until
next time, when I'll be back to write
about something else riggy, have a
good month, and don't forget to
check those hook points! n


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