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In Search Of Monster Carp
away, but Mark managed to hook it
with his other rod, and so he caught
his first ever carp on the first day as
well, and I think his was about 4lb
from memory. Well like you would, the
next time we went the following
week, we went in exactly the same
swim. It was the same situation; I
cast out, and caught one fairly
quickly, which I think was a 7lb’er.
Now previous to that session, I questioned Mark and said, “You’ve got to
have your reel so it lets and bit of line
off, otherwise your rod is going to go
in again.” Anyway, this second trip I
caught this 7lb’er and I was sitting
there with Mark to my right again,
and all of a sudden, splash, his rod
went in again. Unfortunately this time
he didn’t get it back, so it ended in
tears really, but I think he learned his
lesson after that one.
My main memory from fishing in
those early days is that we always
fished on the surface with an
anchored crust. We never really fished
in the winter, well not for carp, but
even then a lot of the times you
started off with one rod on the bottom
and one rod with an anchored up
crust. Nine times out of ten, by the
end of the day, you’d be fishing with
both rods on the surface, and that
made a very big difference. Perhaps in
recent times a lot of people have
realised how effective zig rigs are and
things like that, but in between times
most people either fished on the bottom or with a surface controller. But it
was ever so exciting fishing anchored
crust; the old coot would come along,
and you’d bob it under, causing a startled look on his face, wondering
(Top left) Winter action on Darenth.
(Top right) Biggest Darenth Big Lake
(Right) Snow action.
where it was going.
I think from then I think I caught
seven or eight carp in that first season. We used to go once a week if we
were lucky, as well as doing a little bit
of sea fishing as well; it wasn’t outand-out carp fishing. Then getting
towards the end of the year, I met up
with a couple of guys from the Dart-
ford area, Brian and John. About this
time, there were people like Derrick
Stritton starting to appear in the
angling papers, with carp caught on
so-called chemically based baits.
Anyway, one day Brian said to me, “I
was talking to this lad down the lake,
and he told me that they use calcium
phosphate in these chemically based


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