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Richworth Linear Fisheries Session
(Right) Friend Brad Day with Cut-Tail
at 39lb – big, well done.
(Below) As you can see from this
common, the fish were well spawned
my right. Not long after another
showed in the same area, followed by
another and another. That made up
my mind, so I was packed away and
round to the new swim by 5.30am. As
I walked into the swim with my barrow, one lumped out about 80yds in
front of me, and I could not wait to get
the rods out. I put two rods on small
mesh bags of Growler again, and
another on maggots, and left them
leaning against the barrow waiting
for one to show. I did not have to wait
long, as one showed out in front of me
in the same area. This was followed
down by one rod on the maggots, and
a second rod on the Dairy Creams just
to the left. Not wanting to disturb the
area even further, I left the third rod
and started to get the bivvy up. I was
just getting my self sorted when the
rod on the Dairy Creams was away. I
lifted into the fish, and could feel it
burying itself into what felt like thick
weed. I was a bit cautious at first, as
it was my first take and I did not want
to lose it, but it was getting too deep,
so I had to put on the pressure. After a
few heart-stopping moments I could
feel the fish grinding through the
weed, when all of a sudden it bolted
clear and was back into open water. I
managed to play the fish to close in
with out any problems until it was
about 10yds out, where it got into
more weed, but again with steady
pressure it was free, and it was not too


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