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Richworth Linear Fisheries Session
long until a gorgeous dark common
rolled into the net. I unhooked the fish
and was relieved I was off the mark,
especially when the lake had been
fishing so slowly. It was not a massive
fish by most people’s standards, but
at 17lbs it was more than welcome. I
got the rod straight back out and sat
back waiting with anticipation.
A couple of hours passed by but
there were no more takes; the fish
had stopped showing as frequently
and not much was happening. I
decided to have a cast with the
marker now things where quieter, and
have a feel of what I was fishing to, as
I had not had a feel about since arriving. First cast and I was into thick
weed – maybe the reason why I had
only had the one bite. After a few
more casts I had found a clear smooth
spot in the area about 100yds out to
my right. The area was only small,
about the size of a bivvy, so I used two
marker floats a bit like Mick Krassos
has shown in a previous issue, and
cast a marker to each end of the clear
spot so I could bait and cast my hook
baits in between the two markers. I
had decided to stay with one rod on
the mag-aligner, and the other on the
Dairy Cream pop-ups. I had brought a
fair amount of maggots with me, so I
spodded 20 spods of maggots out to
the area. I cast my two hookbaits out,
put the tape on my lines, and pulled
the markers in. With my spod clipped
up, I then made a mix up to also spod
over the area. This was made up of
Solar Growler bag mix, Solar Squid
and Octopus Up and Down mix,
hemp, and a helping of Solar Salmon
Oil and Growler Juice. This was made
up, and again I put another 20 spods
over the area. I made this up quite
wet as I do believe the more cloud the
quicker the bites, and the up and
down mix is especially good as it disperses through all levels of the water
and will attract fish into the baited
area from all water levels. With the
two rods out on the baited area, I had
made up a small bag for the third rod,
to cast to any showing fish, and I was
only waiting about five minutes when
(Top) A view from my swim.
(Middle) Making sure I had enough
(Left) The main ingredients and
hookbaits I take everywhere. Club
Mix hookbaits and the awesome
pineapple and dairy cream pop-ups.


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