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Richworth Linear Fisheries Session
one showed to my left about 30yds
out, so my bag soon followed it down.
With the three rods out, I started to
have a tidy up of the swim when one
of the rods on the baited area ripped
off. I could not believe how quickly
the take had come after spodding. I
played it with steady pressure as
before, and managed to bring it to the
net without too much fuss, and netted
a larger mirror. This was a lovely fish
of 21lbs, which could not have got
any further than my rod tips as I put it
back when the other rod screamed
off. I could not believe it; the lake had
been fishing so poorly, and yet here I
was with three takes in a couple of
hours. This one turned out to be
another mirror of about 18lbs; I did
not weigh it, as I wanted to get the
rods straight back out. I cast the two
rods straight back out to the area and
sat back waiting. After an hour or so
passed, I wondered if the fish had
cleared me out of bait, so I spodded
another ten spods of maggots over
the area. Within 20 minutes I was
away again, and it was clear that the
more often I topped the area up the
quicker the takes came. I went on to
land a pristine 24lb 2oz mirror, took a
few snaps, and slipped her straight
back. By the evening, I had caught
nine fish up 25lb 4oz, and was ready
to rebait for the night. I had already
had to nip to the tackle shop and get
another two gallons of maggots, and
promptly re baited with another 30
spods of maggots and 20 spods of the
bait mix.
I woke the next morning with not a
touch on any of the rods, but I could
clearly see fish fizzing up on the area,
and one rolled. Within five minutes
my middle rod was away again, but
this time it was a lot harder to bring
through the weed, and the fish felt a
l o t h e a v i e r. I w a s i n t w o m i n d s
whether it was a larger fish, or it was
just covered in a lot of weed. When I
finally got it near the net, I could
clearly see it was a bigger fish, and I
breathed a huge sigh of relief when it
finally went into the net. It was a gorgeous mirror weighing 28lb 4oz. I had
actually lost the marker tape on this
occasion, so I walked my spod up the
bank, then walked my hookbait up
(Top) The fish couldn’t get enough of
the maggots.
(Above) Perfect for an alternative
hookbait over maggots.
(Left) Watching for fish, as they show
themselves rather regularly on Manor
when they want to.
the bank to clip up to the same distance. Once I had done this I recast
and it went a bit to right. It was at this
point I realised just how big the clear
area had become – what had started
off as a small area in the weed had
now become a lot larger where the
fish had obviously ripped the weed
a p a r t t o f e e d, a n d w h e n b e i n g
hooked. I began to wonder whether
the takes might dry up, as it might not
seem such a safe area for them to
now feed, but how wrong I was. I
recast again, but this time placing all
three rods on the baited area. I went
on to catch a few more fish quickly
that morning, up to mid-20’s. It was
clear to see the more often I was baiting, the quicker I was getting takes as
I mentioned earlier, but what was also
clear was that I was catching the
smaller fish on the small white popups. On the third rod that I had now
begun to use on the baited area I


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