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Richworth Linear Fisheries Session
decided to use my usual frozen bottom baits, the ever-faithful Solar Club
Mix. Since I have been using this bait
it has produced so many big fish for
me, including my first 40 from my target water, and a load of 30’s from
quite a few different waters. I had
chosen to fish with the 18mm bottom
bait, and added a load of chops and
smaller 10mm freebies to my spod
mix. I continued to fish through the
day with the maggots and small popups, and come the evening I would
put the boilie on for the night.
By the end of the second day I had
caught nearly 20 fish up to the 28lb
mirror early that morning, and was
chuffed considering how slow it had
been, and that no one else was catching apart from one young lad to my
right who had caught a few fish. Later
on he went on to catch Cut Tail at
(Right The main tools for getting the
maggots out. I prefer using a spod
with no holes when spodding
(Below) Good friend Tom Maker.
Cheers mate for an enjoyable few
days and all the photo taking.
39lbs whilst I was there, and also had
a load more after I had left, so a big
well done to young Brad, as it was
also a new PB for him. My friend Tom
Maker who was next to me had also
put a few fish on the bank to over 20,
but everyone else was struggling. The
evening time came, and once again I
baited for the night and changed the
third rod over to the bottom bait Club
Mix. I sat back watching the lake,
very tired and in pain with my back,
as I had not stopped spodding for two
days, and constantly casting and
retrieving at 100yds can be very tiring.
After a chat with Tom and Brad, I was
into the bag expecting action through
the night, but once again nothing
happened in the hours of darkness. I
was finally awoken at first light by a
one-toner on the rod I had positioned
with the Club Mix bottom bait on. I
picked the rod up and straight away
knew it was a good fish; it was the
one take I had received that did not
try to weed me up, it just tore off
down the lake stripping the line from
my reel. After a strong run I managed
to turn the fish and very slowly
started bringing it back towards me.
After a few very hard lunges it was
soon boiling around in my margin. In
the early morning sunlight I managed
to see the shoulders, and it looked a
very broad fish. When it started to
head towards the bulrushes to my
right, there was no way I was letting
this one go, so I took my trousers off
and walked along the reed line with
my net, waiting to land the fish. I
managed to head it away from the
reeds and with a few more big lunges
I netted the fish, and after a quick look
in the net I realised I had caught a
good fish. I unhooked the fish in the
net, and quickly give my friend Tom a
call to come down. Once he arrived at
the swim we weighed the fish and it
settled on 31lb 4oz. I was well
chuffed, and it just proved that the
boilies can be big fish selective. Once
I took it out of the weigh sling Tom
realised straight away it was a fish
called Spike, which is normally a mid30. It was clearly spawned out when I
caught it, but either way I was well
pleased, and did the snaps of the fabulous fish, a typical mirror from Manor
with a lovely starburst towards the
tail. I slipped the fish back, Tom
headed of back to bed, and I had to
get the rod back out. I put a new rig
on, new bait and bag, and within five
minutes that same rod was away
again. It was another good spirited
fight, and another good fish of 28lb
2oz. How glad was I? Two takes on
the boilies, a 28 and a 30, just proving
why the Club Mix is so good.
I went on to catch steadily
throughout the day on all three rods,
with a couple falling off, but I was not
too bothered, what with the session I
was having. After a quick chat with
Roy on his rounds to let him know
what I had caught, he told me it had
been quiet all round the complex, not
just Manor, making my success that
little bit more special. These sessions
don't come round every time you go
fishing, and I was definitely working
through the pain in my back to con-


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