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Richworth Linear Fisheries Session
tinue catching through the session. It
just proved that the ones putting the
effort in, and putting the bait in, and
not just sitting behind static rods
were the ones catching. I could have
easily just caught a few and then not
tried as hard, but it was like a session
I had on Sandhurst last year; the
harder I worked, and the more I
topped up after every fish, the more I
caught. These fish are clearly partial
to a bed of bait, as they come under
so much pressure, and they see
enough of it scattered around, so why
not give it to them in one area? It’s
something different, and it works. The
session on Sandhurst I ended up with
49 fish in five days, with nine over 30
– something unheard of really for that
water, but again I went with a different approach, and had a result. How
many people are up at 2, 3, and 4am,
spodding bait to keep fish in the area?
My catch proves the effects it can
I went through another action-free
night on Manor, and woke in the
morning with motionless bobbins,
which was strange. Why were all the
fish being caught in the day but none
at night? I decided to pack away
quite early, and after a quick chat with
Tom and Roy, I was away and on the
M4 back to my home town, Yateley.
Totally shattered and exhausted, I had
really had an enjoyable session, and I
must say a big thank you to Roy Parsons again for the advice and being
such a great help whilst I was there.
Anyone who fishes the Linear com-
(Left) The lead setup and rig. Solar
leadcore, Solar tail rubber, 3oz lead,
flexi-ring swivel, Super Mantis
hooklink with a Solar stronghold long
shank. These performed great, and I
was very impressed with the
(Middle) The Solar quick-change clips
are awesome for simplicity and PVA
bag work when wanting to get bait
out quickly.
(Bottom) The quick-change clips with
the rig are simply outstanding.
Taking a few leaves out of Rob’s book
when he first showed me these on
(Below) The first fish I ever caught
using the quick-change clips was this
gorgeous 35lb common.
plex will know what a great help he
and the other members of the team
are; they run and maintain such a
great complex. Cheers also to my
mate Tom for the photos and great
company whilst on the bank, and
before I forget, I must say thanks to
my dad for bringing me more maggots and coming down with supplies,
and again being good company on
the bank.
Richworth Linear complex can be
fished all year round, and can suit the
needs of most anglers; it is a great
fishery with friendly bailiffs with lots
of info and advice. They have showers
and toilets on site, ample parking, and
as a bonus has some of the most stunning fish you could wish to catch.
Visit the website for any additional
Until next time, Tight Lines. n


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