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to visit us whilst fishing noticed the line angles
were not pointing towards the usual spots. I
wasn’t going to give away all our hard work
that easily and soon got round that by sinking
my rod tips.
Google earth map with ruler tool.
More recently, I employed the same tactics
areas, the lake bed in deep water was covered in a dark
on the famous Bedfordshire clay pit; the only
brown strandy weed, which clogged the float up and
difference being that this lake was a 260-mile
prevented it from rising. Unless you landed on the feature, it
round trip. Marking and measuring visits were
was a case of wind in, clear the float and chuck it out again.
not viable, so I mapped the swims by day and
All the extra effort and prep work detailed above can give
fished the nights. Technology had also moved
you an edge when dropping into swims when the fish start to
on since my days on Farmwood. A lake map
play ball and all the other anglers are thrashing the water to
was printed from Google Earth on which you
a foam, but it’s only used as a starting point. From then on,
can see some of the features, so using the
The early stages of swim prep. the picture in my mind’s eye of that spot will change with
ruler tool, I could then roughly measure their
sightings and captures of fish and weed growth, along with
distances and direction on the far bank and note it down for each
any presentation issues I have to overcome. The hot areas within the
swim. The ticket started in January, so I used my first few trips to fine
area will reveal themselves and will get noted and fine tuned
tune my swim maps using the Google Earth map as a base to start
Your chosen venue doesn’t have to be a deep and feature filled
During one of these trips in January, I was sat in a swim called
carpy paradise to benefit from some extra work, as there are harder
Alcatraz with all three rods fished on a small area at around 48
spots, clearer areas, area of fresh weed growth and snaggy areas on
metres. In this swim, you bivvy up above your rods, which gives you a
all lakes, which are a great place to start your campaign. All of which
great view of the whole lake. At some point during the night, it
can be located in the colder months when the swims are empty, the
rained. Just after first light one of my rods ripped off, and the usual
weed has died off and water clarity is at its best.
routine followed in a methodical, calm fashion… NOT. Rip the bag
My new water is again a 260-mile round trip, so with laminated
open, swing round, Crocs on… Oooopps! Don’t forget the glasses, run
map printed, it will be a case of walking round and round looking for
down the slope towards the rods, right hand rod is away, try to stop
fish. If I don’t find any, then I will set up in a swim from which I can
before the rods… Oh no!! Crocs are no use on wet clay… I skilfully
watch the majority of the water, fish off the barrow until I am happy
and elegantly skidded past my rods into the freezing cold water up to
with my swim choice and be prepared to move if I see or hear
my nuts, picked the rod up still half submerged, wound down, picked
anything carpy.
up the slack, felt a kick on the end, and hey presto, a tuftie popped
Preparation means different things to different anglers: rig tying,
up nailed on my pop-up rig. Luckily my preparation also extends to
bait prep etc, all of which feature in my campaigns but comes after I
taking spare clothes.
know what is out in front of me in each swim.
In summary, deep waters are far more time consuming to map
I will cover my take on watercraft in my next piece.
out, as the float takes so much longer to surface. The clay pit added
Wet nets! Ken Beech
another time consuming element in that all around the shallower
Mid 30 from a small area at 70 metres.
Tool of the trade.


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