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Going Hell For
Part 2 By Spencer Wright
t was at this time that I
thought it might be worth
trying a different approach to
winkle out the Leather utilising another method so to
speak. Instead of the boilie
approach, I thought I’d try the particle
and pellet theme. As you could imagine, it was all good fun going through
the local animal food stores searching
out different ingredients to use. I also
sourced some bits from CC Moore,
which is a fantastic shop with such a
wide range of bait supplies; the staff
are always courteous with a super
fast delivery service that made it a
Clover 33.12 – hello again.
number one outlet. I started off with
Vitalin, pigeon conditioner, and chilli
hemp, with an assortment of pellets
thrown in. I would cook the hemp and
pigeon conditioner, and then add the
Vitalin until a thicker consistency was
achieved, and lastly add some pellet,
giving the whole concoction a good
mix, and leaving it to soak in
overnight. It was just a case of balling
it up the following morning, before
carrying the whole lot down to the
lake and dumping it in en masse. The
poor fish must have thought World
War Three had broken out as the cannonballs hammered the surface! The
particle approach was carried on
through the winter, and I was getting
through quite an amount of bait. I
fished in November, and bagged a
low double stockie mirror.
I didn’t get another bite until February… On arrival I sprinkled some
bait in on the spots, and almost
immediately after casting out my
piece of flaked maize was taken. This
time though it was a common, which
was putting up more than a fair
account of itself, and knowing that all
the original commons in the lake
were pretty much 35+lb-plus, a PB
was a definite possibility. It sailed into


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