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Going Hell For Leather
the net, and I punched the air, not taking much notice of the fish, thinking
I’d had a new PB common. It was only
when I lifted the net that I realised I’d
overestimated my fish by about two
thirds – what a noddy! At 12lb 10oz it
wasn’t quite a PB, but it left me flabbergasted that it had put up such a
spirited fight. I would very much like
to reacquaint myself with it at 35lbs; I
think I would need to be strapped into
a fighting chair like in Jaws just to
land it! A session in March produced
two fish on a two-nighter. The first
was another of the stockie mirrors,
and then I put a boilie rod out for the
night and bagged “CJ” at an
improved weight of 26lb 10oz. With a
fight similar to the baby common, it
ripped line from the reel with ease,
and ended up with me having to net
it at the other end of the lake. A 40 in
the making, I assure you.
With March nearly over and the
particle approach not really paying
dividends, I started putting Geoff’s
Enzyme bait in again, and in large
quantities too, but whether it was the
colder temperatures or another reason, I struggled to get a bite on it. It
was hugely frustrating putting in all
that hard effort for not a lot of reward.
All I wanted was The Leather, and
then I knew I could finally let go. With
that constantly buzzing around my
head, I made a decision that I would
formulate my own bait, mostly of
Geoff’s base, but with a couple of bits
from CC Moore. A friend would then
roll it up for me, so I would have
approximately 50kg stockpiled in my
bait freezer. I was hoping that some
would be ready for the coming weekend, which would be the last chance
to go for the year because we had
plans to do some major building work
to our home, something that was due
to be starting imminently. Callum was
still sleeping in our room, so we were
due to start a major extension, which
involved replacing most of the roof,
and building a new timber-framed
first floor extension to create a new
bedroom for him. I had one last night
to fish before it all started.
I made up some special hookbaits
high in natural extracts and oils to
complement my new bait, and was
eager to put them through their
paces. I tried one in some water
before I left home, and was dismayed
to see that they were breaking down
a bit too rapidly for my liking – within
a couple of hours! This was probably
because I hadn’t spent enough time
rolling them properly, which was bad
angling on my part, but at least I had
learnt the lesson before I’d gone. Due
to this I had some other hookbaits left
in the rucksack so if need be I could
rely on them. The moon was prime,
the weather warm with hardly a
breath of air, and the day was Friday
13th, oh what joy! I’m glad I wasn’t
too superstitious. I got to the lake at
t e a t i m e, a n d s p o t t e d s o m e f i s h
grouped up in the shallows. I dumped
my gear on the Point, and quickly put
two rods out on my prebaited spots.
One rod was on the specials I’d concocted from Geoff’s gear, and digging
about I’d found a pot that had held
some large 20mm halibut pellets, but
in there were three solitary Nash
Bling Readymades that I’d “acquired”
earlier in the winter from a colleague’s bait tub. I cut one 15mm bottom bait in half, and fished it butterfly
style, back to back, on my usual
Amnesia combi link. I walked right
along the bank until I was hard into
the bay, under-armed it into the edge
of the Norfolk reeds, and walked the


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