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Stalking Rigs and Tactics
1. All the rig components.
2. A selection of suitable leader
materials including the new Nash
tungsten tubing and leadcore.
3. Bullet Braid, simply superb!
4. For hypersensitive indication, get
on the Clinga Lites.
(Below right) A spring common
caught under some sunny bushes.
good stead for the future.
When you first catch a glimpse of
carp feeding in the margins with a
view to fishing for them, you will want
to show a bit of restraint because any
extraneous noises or movement will
have them disappearing quicker than
a pint of Strongbow on a hot sunny
day! The trick is to keep calm and
observe where they are coming in
in the margins. They just love to get
right into the bank and under overhanging branches, especially when
they know they aren’t being fished
for, and it really does pay dividends
when considering some likely looking
spots to launch a stealthy stalking
approach to these cagey carp. When
you are considering a stalking
approach to these carp, observation is
a key element of the puzzle, and it
pays to be very mobile, and to constantly walk round your venue baiting
some likely looking spots with your
chosen offerings. Having multiple
s p o t s p r i m e d i s a u s e f u l e d g e,
because it gives you the opportunity
to see exactly when the carp are feeding, and the times visited, which will
hopefully help you build up a pattern
of behaviour which will stand you in


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