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Stalking Rigs and Tactics
(Right) Stalked from the branches of a
fallen tree.
(Below) Early morning spring success
on a fake/real corn combo.
choice of carbon carp stick comes in
the form of their T1 Treestalker, which
is a beautiful one-piece 6ft rod with
perfect balance and a 2.75lb TC. This
is not simply a cut down top section
of a rod, but a dedicated powerstick
for those up close and personal
encounters where room to manoeuvre is a luxury. Naturally the carp
don’t always want to play ball by
feeding in a nice clear area, and with
this rod in your arsenal, you can take
the game of guile and cunning to their
backyard, and be safe in the knowledge that this has all the attributes to
deal with them.
I match both of these rods up with
small but ultra reliable Daiwa SS2600
reels, one loaded with 10lb Bullet XT
mono, and the other with 20lb Bullet
Braid, and I will select my preference
based on the environment I am fishing. The beauty about using the braid
for this kind of approach is the fact
that it sinks like a stone, and is far
more robust than mono for those hold
on for dear life moments, and its lack
of stretch means that any indication,
however subtle, is registered instantly
either visually or audibly on your bite
a l a r m i f a p p l i c a b l e. O n e o t h e r
absolute essential when stalking is a
good pair of polarizing glasses,
because these will prove invaluable if
you are close enough to watch your
bait, and also to check out the areas
before fishing, and to be honest, if you
haven’t got any already, you shouldn’t
even consider stalking without them.
So what baits can you use for a
stalking approach? Well the answer to
that is anything really, because like all
other aspects of carp fishing there are
no hard and fast rules, but there are
certain baits which I personally have
a preference for over some of the
other alternatives. Obviously you are


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