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Stalking Rigs and Tactics
1. Place some rig putty on the
hooklink and add a Diffusion camo
anti-tangle sleeve.
2. Tie a 3in rotten bottom using light
mono and secure it to the lead.
3. Attach the other end to the lead
4. Take some PVA tape and secure the
lead to the clip as shown.
5. This is the completed rig in situ
(lead left clean for the picture).
6. Here is what the muddied lead
looks like in the water, awesome!
not going to be putting masses of bait
in, but at the same time, you want
them to be grubbing around a bit so
they get used to foraging for their
food. This will have the added advantage of hopefully getting them more
relaxed and not so guarded, and the
perfect bait to employ with this in
mind is the humble pellet. The choice
of pellets on the market is absolutely
staggering, and it is very easy to get
confused over what type to choose
and what sizes to get, so what I
would advise is to keep it simple, and
buy either a mixed selection of halibut, trout or betaine pellets from one
of the excellent companies out there
in sizes from crumb up to 11mm, and
this will give a range of food signals
and different breakdown times with
the option of using the larger ones as
hookbait (as I have opted for this rig
series). You can then supplement
their effectiveness by the addition of
one of the many complimentary oils
on the market, and either soak your
hookbait in these or generously apply
it en masse.
Another great bait for stalking,
which can be used in combination
with pellets, is the awesome sweetcorn, and there isn’t a carp in the land
that will not have feasted on this yellow sweet treat at some point. The
trick with corn though, is not to
overdo it and 7-10 single grains in and


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