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Stalking Rigs and Tactics
(Left) One of the spots baited, and
awaiting the arrival of some carp.
(Below left) As the sun gets higher,
this lot will be reeled in for some
stalking action.
(Bottom) A baiting pole, which has
proved itself invaluable.
For the hooklink material I want to
have a very supple presentation,
mimicking any free offerings in the
vicinity, so I have opted for a full
braided material with a low diameter
and good knot strength. There is a
vast array of braids on the market, and
even though some may appear light
in colour, you can darken them up
with permanent markers, or simply by
rubbing your putty up and down it, or
just some good old-fashioned mud
will do the same job. The hooklink is
going to be around 6-7ins in its final
length, which offers a big carp
enough movement to turn before feeling the weight, and it also adds an
element of heightened flexibility to
the presentation. In order to prevent
the supple braid tangling upon being
placed or dropped, I add a small bag
of pellets round the centre of the
hooklink like you would fish a stick
mix, and I add some putty afterwards
just to make sure the braid is on the
deck. Then after this I will add one of
the new Nash TT Diffusion Camo
anti-tangle sleeves to protect the knot
and streamline the swivel end of the
rig. The leadcore leader itself will be
around 5-6ft, and on this I mount the
Diffusion weed safety clip and rubber
before locking it into place on one of
the ball bearing swivels. You don’t
have to use leadcore because there is
a plethora of fluorocarbon leaders,
anti-tangle tubes and sinking rig
tubes, all of which do the job perfectly
well. I have been using the new sinking tubing from Nash recently, which
is unbelievably supple and extremely
heavy, a truly innovative product, set
to be very popular where leadcore is
banned, or even as and alternative
where it isn’t.
For the weight on the rig, I have
been fortunate enough to come
across some brilliant new leads from a
company call BDS, and they have just
brought out a range of flat disc
shaped leads that have a swivel in the
centre on the upper surface. This
means that the whole mass of the
weight is felt and there is absolutely
no way the carp can use the lead to


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