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Stalking Rigs and Tactics
their advantage. It must be stated
that these leads are NOT to be used
on a clip like a standard lead, because
they will potentially cause damage to
the fish, but this is easily overcome
with minimal thought, fishing it
breakaway style with the use of some
light mono and PVA. Basically these
leads are really used when placement
by hand is an option, and if fished correctly, they can be retrieved from their
spot because the fish should not have
dragged them off. You will see from
the pictures that I have tied the
breakaway link about 3ins long rather
than directly to the clip, and the reason for this is that it takes less force to
break a longer length of mono,
because of the extra force generated
on the take, as the carp has got more
movement to play with as it bolts off.
If the breakaway link was tied directly
to the clip, it takes far more force to
snap (this was tested by myself whilst
1. All of the rig essentials.
2. Tails Up OCM boilies, these do the
3. ESP Strip-Teaze, reliable and
4. After the hair has been formed,
mount the bait to help set the hair
making the setup).
As you can see from the pictures of
the leads, they come in the popular
colours, but purely for photographic
purposes, I opted for the lighter
coloured one, which weighed 8.75o –
hence the need for hand placing! You
can further enhance their natural
camo effect by adding some bankside
mud to their surface, and the result is
superb. Of course you can use a standard breakaway inline setup as well,
but the extra weight of this rig really
sets the hook. So there you have it, all
the necessary info to construct a
basic yet efficient stalking rig. Check
out the easy to follow pictures and
give it a go; you might just bank yourself a nice fish when others are merrily blanking because they prefer to
sit behind the rods! Like everything
you do in this life, effort equals
reward, and if you are prepared to get
out and find them, you can bank a
bonus carp or two in this battle of
It is time to introduce a very competent young angler and mate of mine
who at a mere 21 years old has
caught an enviable portfolio of
big’uns. It gives me great pleasure to
bring the talents of Ben Owen to my
article, and I want to thank Ben for
stepping in at the last minute to show
us some of his stalking edges when I
was let down at the last minute by my
original guest, who suddenly came
over all shy and decided he didn’t
want to reveal his secrets to the readership. Anyway, Ben is a very good
angler, and as I am writing this, he has
just notched up his first 40lb’er in the
shape of the ‘The Vein’ from Swan
Valley at 40lb 5oz, so a massive congratulations on that mate, even
though it was off the spot I baited
(only joking, mate!). Ben, from Hounslow, is no stranger to the weeklies
with his impressive captures from
venues such as Kingsmead One,
Bushy Park, Silvermere, Richmond
Park, Swan Valley, Horseshoe and The
Stalking is definitely an area of carp
fishing that Ben feels passionately
about, and he approaches it in a
meticulous manner belying his young
years. He has been carp fishing for
around nine years, and in that time he
seems to have found a real affinity for
tackling tricky venues with a very
well thought-out approach to every
session. He is a big lad, 6ft 3ins, but
moves very cat-like amongst the


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