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Stalking Rigs and Tactics
undergrowth in search of wary
leviathans to target, and he is very
keen to emphasize the huge importance that he places on observation
a nd the ne e d fo r a go o d pa i r o f
glasses. He is happy scaling the
boughs of bankside arboreta in search
of carp, and once the targets have
been located, he then quickly formulates a plan for the best form of
approach on how to tempt these wily
whackers. Naturally you need to take
the carp’s welfare into consideration,
and whilst it is alright thinking you
can get a bait to them, you need to be
able to extract them in a safe manner
that doesn’t put them in any undue
danger of injury.
He has had some very impressive
fish from taking the time to stalk them
(as can be seen from his pictures), and
he was keen to tell me how his stalking rig evolved in to its present guise.
Basically when he was fishing on
C E M E X ’ s K i n g s m e a d O n e, h e
observed many big fish feeding on
one of his baited margin spots, and
noticed how they seemed to be able
to readily take in and eject his hookbait without any problem, and several
of the known big’uns were getting
away with it, much to his frustration.
A drastic rethink was on the cards,
and he basically swapped from a
short-shanked hook to his preferred
ESP Longshanx pattern, and made it
into a blowback rig with the addition
of a 1.5mm rig ring. He also reduced
the hooklink length from 8ins to
around 5ins, and found that with half
an hour of placing the rig, it was taken
and the fish was nailed.


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