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In Search Of Monster Carp
history, Sutton is another step on. A
lot of very top names over the years
have fished Sutton. It was stocked in
the late 70’s with some very, very
decent fish, and at my time, which
would have been 1983-84, it had a
very big head of known fish that were
mid-20’s. I don’t think it actually held
a 30 at that time; I am not too sure, it
may have had one or two, but it was
an unbelievable place – the atmosphere and nostalgia on that site was
The following season I said to
myself, I’d done it at Kirby, and it was
obviously a longer walk from Farningham station, and in the opposite
direction, but I started fishing down
there. I got friendly with a few people,
like Joe and Melvin Streeter, and to be
honest with you, everyone was
friendly. They were all prepared to
take to what was essentially a juvenile coming through the gate who
didn’t know a great deal about carp
fishing other than what he had
learned off his own bat at Horton
Kirby. I’ll never forget, in the first couple of years, I actually stayed behind
Melvin’s bivvy because I couldn’t get
home; I’d missed the train. Obviously
staying down there at night, being
under the stars, was a big thing for a
kid of that age, seeing the carp jump
in the lake at night, hearing the
buzzers going off in the distance on
the far bank, not knowing what someone had caught until the light came
up and the rumours started going
around the lake that someone’s had a
20, or four 20’s, or a couple of doubles
on the far bank. Christ, what an experience, and obviously being a junior at
that time, I couldn’t actually fish
Once it was an hour before dawn, I
could get the rods out in the small
lake or the big lake, or wherever there
were any spaces at the time; it was an
unbelievable feeling. On a Sunday
afternoon I would fish as late as I possibly could, and I’d get a taxi home,
once I got the stage where I could
afford it. I wasn’t driving; I wasn’t old
enough, but you know, I’d get the
train down there on the Saturday
morning, and get a taxi home on Sunday, because I couldn’t afford to go
there in a taxi on a Saturday morning,
as it was a lot of money in those days.
In amongst all the pictures I have
given Rob, I have actually got a picture of a fish, which was known until
three of four years ago, a fish called
Bruno, from the small lake. It was a
lovely linear, a lovely scaled fish,
which actually was and still is the
only fish that actually reached 40lb at
Sutton at Hone, but unfortunately it
died, I think personally through old
age. I’m not too sure, but I think it was
21-22lbs, and that was my very first
ever 20lb fish. It’s embarrassing to
look at the photo today – what a fish,
but my god, the haircut I had, the typical bowl cut where my mum had cut
round the outside. Anyway, that’s
where it all started, and I progressed
from just being someone who
decided to go carp fishing on the side
of coarse fishing, to actually turning
into a carp angler, and from that day I
have never looked back. As Rob said,
I’m 36 now, and to be honest with
you, I go fishing most weekends.
I stayed on Sutton for many years,
and I can think of stories right, left
and centre, and I will pick a few over
the next couple of pages. There was
another nice fish in there called Capt a i n M a i n w a r i n g. I d o n ’t k n o w
whether we all agree with these
names for carp, and yes, it is nice to
go to a water where the fish aren’t
named, and you don’t know what you
are going to catch, but Sutton being


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