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In Search Of Monster Carp
what it was, and the people that were
fishing it, gave them names. They’re
pets, and we feel closer to some of the
carp than we do our family sometimes. Most of you out there will
understand and see where I am coming from, although it is a bit sad, I’ve
got to be honest. The scenario is, that
I was on the Centre Path; I can’t give
you the actual year, but I had this fish,
and I was playing it left right and centre, and it tore around the lake. I got it
in the net, and what a fish, it was the
mid-20’s give or take. We did all the
rigmarole, got the net out of the way,
and sorted the weigh sling and scales
etc. I picked this fish up in the weigh
sling and put it on the bank, and after
un-hooking it, I wanted my picture
taken. I actually reversed myself up
into the bushes to have my photo
taken, and after a couple of photos
were taken my legs started going
numb, and I thought to myself that I
had knelt in a load of stinging nettles.
Then I got up, and all of a sudden a
couple of lads yelped and were really
panicking, as both of my legs up to
above my knees were seething in red
ants, as I had knelt in a red ants’ nest
to take these photos. Now at the time
I honestly thought it was stinging
nettles, but I was rushed to hospital.
They put the fish back for me, and my
legs were really bad. In hospital, they
put a tourniquet across the top of
both my legs, and this is hard to
believe, but there was more ant
venom in my legs than natural juices.
They said it was maybe hours, but I
was that close to losing both my legs.
They had to cut my shoes off, as they
had swollen right over the sides. I
found out that I’m allergic to ant
bites, and that’s one hell of a way to
find out! What with the warmer climates and everything that is happen-


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