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In Search Of Monster Carp
Sutton DDAPS – recent capture
probably didn’t know what they were;
they were just hooks, and the majority
of the people on the lake used them,
so say no more.
I lost that first take, but I actually
went on to catch 14 20’s in five days,
the biggest was 25lbs, which was my
biggest and most memorable catch
ever up to that date. Sutton probably
had more 20’s in it than anything else
at that time – there was the old linear
strain, there was the short half linear,
and full linear, and they were gutty
fish. They were history fish, and if the
majority of them were alive today, a
lot of people would still be fishing
Sutton for them, and the majority
would probably mostly be 30lbs-plus.
Fred Wilton started and he produced
his protein baits on Sutton in the early
days, with people like Bob Morris,
Robin Munday etc, and I think once
Sutton started being introduced to
decent baits, boilies, or something
with a bit of goodness that actually
helped the carp put on their weights,
it helped the fish to get where they
were in later years. I don’t think I
would have had that catch if people
like that hadn’t developed the boilies
in the early days and introduced bait
in the amount that it was, because I
just don’t think they would have got
to those weights if they had only been
on naturals. I don’t know, it’s very difficult, and I know that people have
got other ideas on that. If the lakes are
left alone and no bait goes in, when
they reopen nine times out of ten the
fish have put on weight, so that might
contradict people’s view, but Sutton
did see a lot of boilies in those days.
However, believe it or not, it never
had the fishmeal boom that the Darenth or the neighbouring Sutton at
Hone had. Premier brought out a fishmeal bait and to be honest with you,
all the waters in that area got
absolutely slayed with fishmeal; it
was a development in bait and protein, and it went into these lakes in
such a large quantity, kilos and kilos
of boilies. Darenth had numerous 30’s
and fish close on 40, which were all
helped by this induction of boilies of
such a high food content. I still to this
day say the fish are only the size they
are in there because of the amount of
bait that goes in.
Unfortunately, Horton Kirby and
Sutton, for some unknown reason,
were never really filled in like that. By
filling it in I mean, over a space of a
year you’re looking at a couple of hundred kilos to two or three lads, but this
never happened. A lot of particle got
used, and again everyone had got
their own views on that. I’m an avid
believer in using particles, especially
in some of my modern day fishing,
which we shall go onto later in the
tape, but going back to when I caught
these 14 fish, to be honest with you I
still believe if the bait hadn’t gone in
there like it did in the early days, they
wouldn’t have been those weights.
They were all pristine; they were all
mouth perfect and scale perfect –
what a start to that season that was.
To be honest with you, that season
was the very start of my major carp
fishing, and it must have been 86-87.
The following year was exactly the
same thing; I went through all the rigmarole of doing the draw etc, with it
happening exactly the same way as I
explained in the last big hit that I had.


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