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In Search Of Monster Carp
Cluster 33lb.
fish, and move on. Someone else
comes and joins in their place, so it’s
always nice to keep that bit of nostalgia in your mind and think there
might be something more. I’d hate to
go and fish a water where I knew
exactly what was in it, every single
fish, and there was no mystery left
there. It doesn’t matter where you
fish, all the top circuit waters, you’ve
got to have a bit of belief that there
could be something on your line one
day which you weren’t expecting.
Everyone will know by now that Sutton is going nights as from the 1st
November. People will have their own
views on that, but it’s going to be
night fishing on there, 24/7 from the
1st November right through to the
end of the season. I think they’re
going to see how that goes, and then
decide what they do next year. I don’t
think it’s a good thing personally, but
it’s just one of those things.
Anyway, going back to playing this
fish… It was giving me a proper tussle, and Steve Edwards was fishing in
the bars next to me, so I shouted,
“Steve, Steve, grab the landing net for
me.” So he came over, got the net, and
wallop, the fish came off. I tell you
something, it’s probably the first time
I have actually felt gutted about losing a fish. We did actually see the fish
at the net, and it was a fish that I
mentioned earlier on; it was Blind
Eye. That was my first experience of
hooking this fish, and again I am looking at a picture of it on the wall. It’s a
magnificent fish, and it’s been a target of many top anglers, including
Terry Hearn. It’s such a beautiful fish
at the right time of year; it has dark
browns, crimson, and its mouth is
perfect. It has got scattered scaling
on it; it’s well proportioned, and it had
been in that lake for a lot of years. I
don’t actually know the history of it,
exactly when it was stocked, like a lot
of the fish in Sutton. I think it nigh on
dried up in the early 70’s to a puddle
of water in the middle. This is a
rumour, something I have been told
two or three times, but there were
numerous fry in the pool. At that time
there weren’t many carp in the water,
but one thing that did survive were
those few carp fry in the middle of the
lake. The following season we had
floods, rain etc, and the lake filled up.
I think the Gertie, Blind Eye, the Fully
Scaled, and fish like that came from
those fry. I may be wrong and someone may correct me at a later date,
but I’ve mentioned that to quite a few
people in the past. It’s obviously had
stockings between now and then, but
in the actual main lake itself, I think a
lot of the big fish came from them
original fry. I’d like to think so because
then they are indigenous to the lake,
and what a place to live, and obviously the history has moved on to the
present day. I have actually been
lucky enough to catch Blind Eye
twice up to the present day, once at
43lb 8oz, which I shall go on to
explain about, and then I caught it in
the Dead End at 42lb 10oz some years
after. One was a winter capture, when
it was 42lb 10oz, and the other was a
summer capture 43lb 8oz, and they
were the first and second 40 I had
ever caught. It’s the only 40 that I
have caught twice, but it’s a summer
capture and a winter capture, and I
don’t care what anyone says, but to
me it was two different captures, and
I count it as two 40’s. I know it’s a silly
thing, but I have caught, up to now,
eight British 40’s from different venues. You have only got to look at the
Car Park Lake; I reckon that now Sut-


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