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In Search Of Monster Carp
Gertie 37lb.
and you know where I’m going with
this. But anyway, I hooked this 40lb
fish using these rods, about which I
shall now go into detail. I was using
washing up liquid bottle tops, which
were on the floor, and I was still putting foam in my first ring to take up
the slack so it didn’t get tangled. I had
been there since 4am; I’d got a couple
of hours’ kip, and I hadn’t even had a
bleep. I though oh, here we go, it’s
three or four hours before the sun
comes up, and then before we know
it, blue sky. The high pressure had set
in, those early morning mists on the
water, where the water is obviously a
lot warmer than the air. But then
before I knew it, I had this screaming
take, the washing up bottle top had
smacked my buzzer, and I was into
this fish. It had kited right, so I had to
get into the water. Now I was using a
1 1/4lb 11ft rod, and it bottomed out.
This fish had gone 90 degrees, and I
thought, I can’t do anything here. The
battle wasn’t the longest battle that
I’ve had with a carp, and I managed
to get it in. I looked in the net and I
just screamed! I knew Blind Eye had
been out, caught by Graham East two
weeks previously, and I think it was
its biggest ever weight, at 44lbs. So I
knew it was around this mark, and I
don’t think I had caught a 30lb fish at
this time, so to me, this was one hell of
a fish. I had seen a couple of fish on
the bank, but from what I can remember, I don’t think I had seen any of the
big’uns, and I just couldn’t believe it.
We did all the normal things, and if I
Unknown 33lb..
remember rightly, Mark came round
from the point, and John Elmer from
where he was fishing in the Pipe, so I
had three or four people in my swim
at the time. I lifted the net, and I said,
“Carry that for me,” as I was shaking,


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