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In Search Of Monster Carp
Sutton early fish.
silt in the middle etc. I did know one
thing though; it was quite obvious
that every single night when we went
out that gate, those fish went into that
bay. I don’t know why, but I’d previously had three or four decent fish,
quite a good run, and it was always at
last knockings with these fish. I
thought, hang on a minute, if these
fish are going in there late at night, I
wonder if they are staying in there,
and I went on this pretext on many a
Saturday and Sunday. So that swim
would be my first port of call, but I
wouldn’t necessarily stay there for the
whole day. I’d go there, fish until midmorning, then go and fish the rest of
the bulk of the lake for the day, but go
back there in the evening, thinking I
could intercept them on the way in
there. I’ll be honest with you, and take
this on board if you’re fishing the lake
now regularly, because I still believe
that is the is the area they hold up at
night. It is the last swim that people
get to before they go out the gate, and
they used to chuck their bait in, so
there was quite an influx of boilies
going in there at 10.30. I know you’re
not allowed to do that now, and
t h e r e ’s n o p r e - b a i t i n g, a n d y o u
shouldn’t have done it in those days,
but the more bait you feed out of
hours, the more you’re getting them
into the routine of feeding out of
hours, so how are you supposed to
catch them? It’s the same with baiting up in snags, which a lot of people
do. Why bait up in snags? You’re not
going to catch fish in the bloody
snags, so if you want to bait up, bait
up in the middle of the lake, and
they’ll get used to feeding there. I
know everyone has got their own
views, but those are mine on that
The Dead End is a lovely little
swim, and I got there early in the
morning, as I said. Terry went in the
Back Pads, which is the next swim
round opposite me, and Lee Jackson
went in the Beach, which is the next
swim down. I don’t know why they
went there, but I had seen Terry fish
the Back Pads two or three times; I
think he might have trickled a bit of
bait in there. He knew that I was fishing in the Dead End, and even if I had
come out third out of the three of us, I
don’t think they would have gone in
there, which is just angling courtesy.
It’s not that long ago, and I’m only
talking six, seven years ago here, but
that sort of courtesy is slowly getting
less and less, apart from on these circuit waters where you’ve got some
very keen anglers. It’s a sad thing
because if someone has been fishing
a swim three or four days, or four or
five weekends on the trot, I wouldn’t
go in that swim; I just couldn’t go in
that swim, as naïve or sad as that
makes me. I’ve got respect for my fellow angler, always have had, always
will do, and everyone who knows me
will know that, and I think that’s one
of my plus points to be honest with
you. But anyway, fishing this bay,
next thing I know an hour had gone
past, and Terry had had a take, and
this was a big fish. I could see the
bend in the rod; he’d had it on for
some time, and he screamed out. Lee
was to his right, and I was to his left.
Now, I was fishing an area where I
knew I was going to get a take very
soon, just as he shouted, my right
hand rod screamed off, and I landed a
common, it think it was the MixMatch at about 28lbs, a lovely fish.
Terry was still playing his fish, so I
reeled in the other rod quickly, leaving
it in the net, pegged in the ground, so
it wasn’t going anywhere. You don’t
have to use a sack, as at the end of the
day, landing nets are deep enough
these days, and if you do it right, you
can use a landing net to retain a fish
quite safely. So I went round to Terry,
and he was still playing this fish. He’d
got snag round to the right in the tree,
and now I know this story is in his
book, so I won’t go into much detail,
but he went on to lose this fish unfortunately, and he was convinced it was
Blind Eye. It was certainly a big fish,
and it could have been one of only
three fish at that time, the Big Gertie
which has peaked at 45lbs, which is
still to the present day the lake record,
or it could have been the Small Gertie,
which has peaked at 42-43lbs, and
unfortunately both of those fish are
now dead, or it could have been Blind
Eye. He was gutted to have lost it.
Well the day progressed, and I’ll
never forget; it was about 11.30, and I
was standing in the next swim up. By
now there were probably about 12
anglers on the water. It was February,
and there’d been a few fish out, so
there were a few keen members on
the water, and everyone was in with a
good chance. Now I had already had a
common in the morning, and Terry
had lost the big fish, so the law of
averages says we weren’t going to
get anything else that day. Well, I was
standing in the Pads, and I heard a
bleep, and I looked down to the Dead
End, and there was a duck splashing
about on the surface, so I thought, oh
no. So I ran down to the Dead End to
shoo this duck away, as possibly it
had got caught up in my line or


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